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Federal Contract Management Essentials

Learn the U.S. government acquisition life cycle process to acquire goods and services. Discover Uniform Contract Format (UCF) model contracts and how the UCF facilitates preparation of solicitations and contracts as well as their use. Study contract structuring techniques such as Contract Type and the use of Contract Line Item Numbers (CLINs) for partial contract liquidations, and key payment clauses. Examine mandatory and optional contract clauses. Understand roles of the buyer and seller in contract administration, and the functions of the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) and Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA).

What You Will Learn:
  • Federal Acquisition Overview
    • Key Government participants
    • The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) System
    • Federal acquisition methodologies
    • Life cycle aspects of the Federal acquisition process
    • FAR Orientation
      • Learning how to use all parts of the FAR
      • Matching contract clauses and solicitation provisions with contract types and purposes via the FAR 52.301 Matrix
      • Appreciating the importance of Incorporations by Reference and Boilerplate Clauses
      • Contract Types
        • FAR Part 16 contract types- fixed price, cost-reimbursement, and time and materials
        • Incentive techniques used in Federal contracting
        • Task order procedures such as Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ)
        • Contract Structuring elements based on Contract Type
        • Cost and Price Analysis
          • Overview of the key concept of Cost Allowability
          • Direct and Indirect Cost elements
          • Cost and Price Analysis comparisons
          • The Truth in Negotiations Act and its implications in the FAR
          • Legal Aspects in Federal Contracting
            • Privity of Contract and how to arrive at a legal contractual agreement
            • Role of the Board of Contract Appeals and the Federal Courts
            • Statutory and basic legal concepts impacting the Federal acquisition and contracting system
            • Elements of Contract Administration
              • Understanding key elements of Contract Administration such as Government Property and contract files
              • Appreciating the various forms of contract modification
              • Contract Termination, Completion, and Closeout

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