Online Learning Method

Online Learning Methods

    Asynchronous Video

  • Style: presents instructor video synchronized with materials providing a classroom-like experience.
  • Browser and OS: use Internet Explorer on a PC.
  • Delivery: is via streaming video.
  • Video length: is 8-10 hours on average.
  • Access to course: varies depending on number of course CEUs. You are provided ample time to complete the course including weekends.

    Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Instructors: available through website discussion forums, chat sessions or by email throughout the online course.
  • Discussions: maintain frequent contact with your instructor and peers in the LMS discussion forum. Active discussions increase learning and retention.
  • Assignments: vary from course to course and may include practical exercises, case studies, etc. Work at your own pace with suggested due dates to keep you on schedule.
  • Assessment: monitor your understanding of the course material and your progress through quizzes. You may take them as often as needed to achieve a grade of 70 or better.
  • Credit: is earned on successful completion of your course which requires a score of 70 or higher on two quizzes and satisfactory completions of assignments. You receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs) of credit and a certificate of completion.

Online Learning Options

  • Standard: Self-paced with specific start and end dates. Simply view the course presentation and complete quizzes/assignments to earn your certificate.

  • On-Demand: Register for a course at ANY time. Participants have one month (two months for courses over 30 hours) to complete the course.