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Courses to entertain you, to enable your creativity, to challenge you to try something new, and–best of all, to make your summer enjoyable and fun! Connect with adults 50+ interested in the sheer joy of learning. Whether you are working, retired, or semi-retired, you are a perfect fit for OLLI.

Our summer short courses do not require a long time commitment, but still provide a great opportunity to learn something new, share your interests with others, brush up on an old passion, or just make new friends!

Member Course Fees
Enrich Your Summer$30 per Course
Information Technology (IT) Basics $60 ONE Course
$50 Each Additional
Non-Member Fees
2014/15 OLLI Annual
Membership is also required.
*($15, $1 handling)
Fees include material costs, lab fees, and light refreshments.

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Enrich Your Summer - $30 per Course

Get Published in Magazines! C61M1409 | 07/23/14 - 07/24/14 | 09:00am - 11:30am
Do you have an idea for an article that you'd love to publish in a magazine? Learning how to get published in magazines isn't hard, but there are some things you need to know to increase your chances of success. For many inexperienced writers, just the thought of submitting a story for publication is a little "scary" because they don't know the basics of how to submit their ideas. Join professional writer, Jennifer Pinkley, to learn about publishing guidelines, submission requirements, query letters, and many tips on how to successfully submit your story ideas for publication. | $30

Information Technology (IT) Basics - $60 ONE Course; $50 Each Additional

> > Should I Start with Computer Basics? Click to Assess Your Knowledge and Skills.
How to Edit & Organize Photos C62M1407 | 07/21/14 - 07/22/14 | 09:00am - 12:00pm
Learn a simple, convenient, and free way to organize and edit your photos in this class. Although there are many similar tools, we will use Picasa in this class as our tool to teach you to organize your photos into folders to find them quickly and easily. In addition, you'll learn to crop, straighten, remove red eye, tweak color and exposure, and adjust color cast and white balance-and even add special effects. Picasa permits the addition of text to your photo, which is handy for adding captions or comments! | $60

Should I Start with Computer Basics?

Want to learn about computers and related technologies, but not sure where to start?
Computer Basics: The Very Beginning
provides the basic skills necessary to be successful in our other IT courses.
However, you may already possess the skills to succeed without this basics course.

    Listed below are essential skills needed for success in the IT courses offered:
  • Knowledge of the keyboard. Not the same as typing skills, although those help.
  • Basic mouse handling skills – the ability to click, double-click, and right-click.
  • Ability to select portions of text and copy/paste to another position in the same document, another document, or to delete.
  • Ability to find and open a document.
  • Basic formatting skills, fonts and font size, and page set-up (margins, for instance).
  • Ability to save a document to the desired location. Understand the difference between save and save as.
  • File handling abilities: copy, move, and delete a file; create a folder.


If you are unfamiliar with the above skills, register for Computer Basics: The Very Beginning.

If you answer "YES, I know how to do that!," then you are ready to start any of the other IT courses.

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