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Fall 2015 classes begin September 14, 2015!
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Changes and Corrections

Updated 09/18/2015


C64F1599, Beginning Spanish, Term 1
Session added: 9/17 - 11/05, 5:15 - 6:45 pm, WH152C

C66F1520, Brushstrokes: Painting with Friends
Session added: 10/12 - 11/02, 2:45 - 4:15 pm, WH152D

C70F1590, Breath Centered Yoga
Session added: 9/17 - 11/05, 1:15 - 2:15 pm, OC - Katie Burrus Yoga

C64F1514, Beginning Spanish, Term 4
Class date change: 9/21 - 11/9

C67F1557, Current Issues in Education
Class date change: 9/16 - 11/4

C73F1503, Basic Crochet for Anyone
Class date change: 9/14 - 10/12 and 11/02

C66F1544, Basic Photography, Part I (DVD)
Class date change: 10/7 - 11/11

C61F1586, Friday Focus
Speaker Added: 9/26, Will Worthington - Discussion of Home Equity Conversion Mortgage


C63F1541, What in the World Is a Reverse Mortgage?

Location Changes

C64F1562, Beginning Spanish, Term 1
Room change to WIL 152

C72F1576, Polar Explorations
Room change to WIL 152C

C68F1540, Higgs Boson
Room change to WIL 152

C66F1539, Music of the Beatles
Room change to WIL 152C

C70F1589, The World of Wine
Room change to WIL 226

C61F1556, The Musicals We Love
Room change to BAB 222

C66F1575, Creative Crafts and Card Making
Room change to BAB 109

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