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Fall 2016 — OLLI After Five
Select OLLI at UAH courses offered Tuesdays or Thursdays from 5:15 to 6:45 pm.
  • Elder Law
  • Beginning French
  • Origins of the Mind
  • Beginning Spanish
  • The World of Wine
  • Breath Centered Yoga
  • Captains of Industry: Carnegie, Rockefeller, and Morgan
Term Course Fees OLLI at UAH Membership
$85 Up to 4 Courses 12 - Month Membership = $16
$10 Each Additional 24 - Month Membership = $32

Rediscover the Joy of Learning by joining a vibrant learning community of adults 50+ interested in staying intellectually and socially active, while having lots of fun! OLLI at UAH is designed for your lifestyle and interests, with no grades or tests!

OLLI After Five offerings on Tuesday or Thursday evenings provide an extended opportunity for your involvement with OLLI at UAH. Register today—there is a course waiting for you!

OLLI After Five

Beginning Bridge     C66W1794  |  01/26/17 - 03/09/17  |  05:15pm - 06:45pm
If you have a basic understanding of bridge, but are uncomfortable with playing or bidding, this class is for you! We will concentrate on how to play hands to get more tricks while we improve our skills and enjoy socializing. Join Bob Darnall this winter as he teaches us to move beyond the basics of the game! The text, Play of the Hand in the 21st Century, will be provided free of charge.

Breath-Centered Yoga     C70W1744  |  01/24/17 - 03/07/17  |  05:00pm - 06:00pm
Explore the benefits and basic principles of yoga for health and healing. Build strength and stability, improve balance and promote relaxation. Class will be guided to accommodate varied levels of mobility and yoga experience in a comfortable, supportive environment. A minimum of 10 students must be enrolled for the class to be held. The ability to breathe freely is necessary. Please wear comfortable clothing. There will be a $15 lab fee for this class.

Beginning French, Term 2     C64W1747  |  01/24/17 - 03/07/17  |  05:15pm - 06:45pm
As we continue our exploration of the French language, additional elementary- level concepts will be introduced with emphasis on reading, writing, and speaking French. Basic vocabulary and French expressions will continue to be introduced. Regular verb conjugations in the simple present tense will be stressed, as well as the methods of asking questions in French. Adjectives will be introduced, along with their proper endings and placement within a sentence. Numbers and counting in French will also be introduced.

Brushstrokes: Painting With Friends     C73W1748  |  01/24/17 - 02/14/17  |  05:15pm - 06:45pm
Have fun as our instructor leads us, step by step, in creating our own "masterpieces" based on existing works of art using acrylic paints. Bring an old shirt to protect your clothes. A $50 supplies fee is payable to the instructor at the first class--cash or check accepted. Fee includes all painting supplies and two 16" x 20" canvases.

Beginning Spanish     C64W1791  |  01/26/17 - 03/09/17  |  05:15pm - 06:45pm
Did you know that learning a new language "may be an easy and enjoyable way to maintain brain health and improve cognitive function?" So says author and postdoctoral fellow, Emilie Reas--and our evening Beginning Spanish class is the perfect opportunity to have fun while you're maintaining brain health and learning something new. Basic vocabulary, introductory grammar and conversational skills, as well as culture and customs will be covered. If you are anticipating travel to a Spanish-speaking country in the near future this is the perfect course for you! Come join the fun, and bring your sense of humor!

Origins of the Mind - Evolution and the Paradox of Mental Illness (DVD)     C65W1792  |  01/26/17 - 03/09/17  |  05:15pm - 06:45pm
Take a multifaceted look at one of the hottest subjects in the scientific world--the human mind--as we continue our exploration of the evolution of the mind over hundreds of millions of years, and then look at the mind on the individual scale from birth throughout the lifespan. Jean Greenwood will guide us through enlightening lectures by award-winning Professor Stephen Hinshaw whose training as a clinical psychologist enables him to present the latest information and viewpoints on what neurobiologists, psychologists, and other scientists know about our minds. Attendance at the previous session is not necessary to enjoy the course.

The Rules of Photo Composition     C73W1746  |  01/24/17 - 02/28/17  |  05:15pm - 06:45pm
Here's your chance to improve your images by learning the basic "rules" of composition from Huntsville Photographic Society Master Photographer Barbara Staggs! Comprehensive lessons will include discussion of a "rule" followed by many photographic examples, a biweekly assignment to shoot digital images according to the "rule," and a helpful critique of the assignments. Don't miss the first class! It's the foundation for all that follows! To get the maximum benefit from the class know how to use your camera before coming to class and plan to commit the time to do the assignments each week.

Robotics - Technological Innovation of the 21st Century     C68W1794  |  01/26/17 - 03/09/17  |  05:15pm - 06:45pm
The field of Robotics is evolving to be the major new technological innovation of the 21st century. The field unites many aspects of science and engineering. Robots impact nearly every aspect of our lives, businesses, and security. The goal of robotics is self-contained, goal-oriented machines that can accomplish everything from simple and repetitive tasks to complex missions like self-driving cars.

Zentangle     C73W1795  |  01/26/17 - 02/16/17  |  05:15pm - 06:45pm
Looking for a fun, relaxing approach to artistic creativity? Zentangle is an easy-to- learn, relaxing, and fun way to create amazing designs by drawing structured patterns. Zentangle offers students an opportunity for artistic expression in a collaborative atmosphere. Students will learn a series of basic "tangles" (repeated and embellished designs); no artistic skills or previous experience required! The benefits of Zentangle include increased focus, relaxation and a sense of creative mastery. There will be a $15 fee collected by the instructor for supplies: soft lead pencil, tortillon 1.0 pigment pen and a generous amount of tiles (round cut paper). To learn more, go to www.zentangle.com.