2011 UAH Research Infrastructure Investment Awardees

Michael Briggs Valerie Connaughton, Pat Reardon Matching a Photodiode to a Gamma-ray Scintillator for a TGF Instrument CSPAR
Darell Engelhaupt Brian Landrum Design, Fabrication, and Demonstration of Lightweight Freeform Mirrors CAO
Haley Hoy Susan Alexander, Manil Maskey,
Helen Conover
Development of Web-Based Mobile Technology Application for Healthcare Providers in Transplant Care Nursing
Qiang Hu S.T. Wu, Gang Li, Ai-Hua Wang, Xianzhui Ao, S.S. Ravindran Global Extrapolation of Solar Coronal Magnetic Field from Solar Dynamics Observatory Measurements CSPAR
Emil Jovanov Karen Frith, Faye Anderson, Greer Eleazer Real-Time Monitoring of Occupational Stress ECE
Kevin Knupp Mike Newchurch, Sundar Christopher Lidar Ceilometer Upgrade to UAH Mobile Integrated Profiling System ATS
Nathan Slegers Emil Jovanov Intuitive Remote Control of Robots Using Gestures MAE