2014 UAH New Faculty Research Program Awardees (NFR)


Proposal Title


Baldwin, Kathleen

The Tale and The Speech: Creative research; image and text development

Art, Art History and Design

Kang, Chang-kwon

Optimal Flight Strategies of Bio-inspired Flexible Flapping Wings

Mechanical Engineering

Kim, Sun-il

A Two-Stage Protection Scheme for Cyber Attacks Targeting In-Vehicle Networks

Computer Science

Lee, Yeolan

Do Entrepreneurial start-ups outlast diversifying entrants


Lei, Yu

Nanostructured Materials by ALD for Green Energy Conversion

Chemical Engineering

Ng, Ka Man

Music in the Healthcare Environment


Pacino, Nicole

Prescription for a Nation: Public Health and Nation Building in Post-Revolutionary Bolivia


Ragland, Evan

Renaissance Medicine and the Origins of Scientific Experimentation


Setayeshgar, Leila

Large Deviations and Importance Sampling for Many-Server Queues


Sheldon, Pavica

Alerting students about a crisis: Technology preferences and secondary crisis comm.

Communication Arts

Verlaan, Wolfram

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Two Programs in Preventing Summer Learning Loss in Element


Weber, Ryan

The Social Webb: Measuring Audience Responses to Print and Social Media Texts about NASA's


Xu, Kunning

Microwave Microplasma Development for Space Propulsion and Aerodynamics Research

Mechanical Engineering