2013-14 Industry/University Cooperative Graduate Student Research Program Awardees

Principal Investigator/Company



Dr. Udaysankar Nair
Southern Company

Role of Cloud and Mesoscale Processes on the Transport and Fate of Atmospheric Trace Species

Atmospheric Science

Dr. Junpeng Guo
CFD Research Corporation

Collaborative Investigation of Metal Nanostructure Surface Plasmons for Biomedical and Sensor Applications

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Dr. Kunning G. Xu
Aerojet Rocketdyne

Graduate Research in Rotating Detonation Engine Development

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Dr. C.P. Chen

Computational Flow Structure Interaction for Rocket Nozzles

Chemical & Material Engineering

Dr. James Blackmon
Bangham and Associates

Industry/University Cooperative Graduate Student Research Program: Low Cost Heliostat

Propulsion Research Center

Dr. Jason Cassibry
Boeing Company

Energy Yield Calculations and Hardware Development for Fusion Propulsion Research Utilizing Charger 1

Propulsion Research Center

Dr. Carmen Scholz, Dr. Ramon Cerro
iXpressGenes, Inc & Hudson-Alpha Institute for Biotechnology

High Throughput Protein Production through Affinity Chromatography

Chemical & Material Engineering