The mission of the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering is to provide undergraduate and graduate education, research, and public service in the mechanical and aerospace engineering disciplines and to support the mechanical and aerospace engineering needs of Huntsville, the State of Alabama, the region, our nation, and the international community.

To accomplish this Mission the Department seeks to

1.     inspire students to attain the highest levels of intellectual and professional growth throughout their lives;
2.     enable students and faculty to make lasting contributions to the advancement of knowledge and the creative practice of engineering;
3.     equip students with the ability to use modern engineering tools for design, analysis, experimentation, and development;
4.     engage the faculty in service that enhances the public's understanding of technology for the betterment of society;
5.     provide leadership in engineering education, research, and practice;
6.     promote equality of opportunity for engineering education;
7.     produce graduates who are well prepared to meet the challenges of a modern, dynamic engineering environment; and
8.     capitalize on the unique opportunities for collaboration with the local high technology community.

Unit Outcomes

Provide high quality undergraduate and graduate education in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering for a diverse student body.

Achieve the maximum obtainable accreditation from ABET for Mechanical and Aerospace

Develop research programs that enable the department to achieve and maintain national prominence in areas that support its educational mission and in areas that are important to the economy of the region.

Contribute to the engineering profession and to society through service activities.

Core Values

  • Academic excellence
  • Academic freedom
  • Integrity, professionalism, and ethical behavior
  • Life-long learning and professional development
  • Teamwork and Leadership
  • Effective communication
  • Continuous improvement