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Purchase requisition approval on contract and grant accounts are now processed by Office of Sponsored Programs

Please contact Woodonna Deerman in OSP for requisition information.

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Calculation of Indirect Costs Recovery (ICR) on Contracts & Grants

Also known as F&A costs, indirect costs, overhead.

Indirect Cost Recovery Calculation Worksheet

Salaries + Benefits $
Materials + Supplies (do not include equipment 8100) $
Other Expenditures $
6182 (Stipends) $
7113 (Subcontract Costs) $
7115 (C/S Not Indiv Over 25m) $
7117 (C/S Indiviual Over 25m) $
7435 (Supplies Equip Manufacturing) $
7801 (Transfers) $
7950 (Cost Overruns) $
Enter ICR rate here (enter as %) %

*** Please note that there are some account codes that will be exempt from the ICR calculation that are not listed here. This worksheet is meant to aid in the ICR calculation of most common contracts and grants and does not take into consideration specific stipulations that can be written into contracts regarding ICR costs.