2009 UAH Research Infrastructure Investment Awardees

Karen Frith Faye Anderson, Fan Tseng, Mikel Petty Development of a Nursing Services Dashboard to Predict and Track the Effect of Nurse Staffing on Patient Outcomes Nursing
Wei Li - Identifying Error-Prone Clusters of Software Modules Computer Science
Sharon George Jason Smith Demography, Measurement, and Verification of Diabetes Self-Management Among Elderly Adults in North Alabama Nursing
Gary Zank Dastgeer Shaikh, Vladimir Floirinski, J.A. le Roux Turbulence in the Heliosheath: Implications for Cosmic Rays CSPAR
Sampson Gholston Anthony Morris Verifying and Validating Digital Human Models and Simulations ISEEM
Robert Frederick - Laboratory-Scale Solid Propellant Mixing Capability PRC
Brian Landum Brian Robinson Integrated Optical Sensor for Spectral Imaging and Collaborative Tagging in Micro-Unmanned Aerial Systems MAE