Sensitive Information


Proprietary Information

Proprietary information is that unclassified company information that may be sensitive because of its content and could cause a problem if used by someone for unauthorized purposes. Examples of proprietary information are such things as telephone lists, addresses of personnel, salaries, staffing etc. If in doubt ask yourself, "Could anyone use this information against the company?" If the answer is "yes," protect it! Keep proprietary information locked up when not in use and shred it when it is no longer required.


Yes, even uncleared folks should be alert for spies. Spying is not limited to the collection of classified information. Spies collect all kinds of information: proprietary, sensitive, and classified. Loss of all kinds of information can cause great damage to the company to include, but not limited to:

  • Loss of contracts
  • Loss of revenues
  • Loss of competitive edge
  • Loss of jobs

Security is everyone's responsibility from top management to the receptionist. Any security program can be successful when all employees actively participate.