Introduction and Reporting Requirements

Maintaining a compliant security program is vital to the University. No one plays a greater role in security than each of you. The success of our program today is based on the everyday security actions taken by all employees.

The purpose of this site is to put some “essential” security rules and regulations at your fingertips. A brief description of subjects such as Need-to-Know, Inspections, Defensive Security, Suspicious Contact Reporting, Terrorism, Visit Authorization Letters, and Travel have been provided for you.

Reporting Requirements

The information below is provided to assist UAH cleared employees in their responsibility to report certain occurrences. Contact us immediately if you need to report any of these occurrences.

Denise Spiller Contact by Email
Delores Newton Contact by Email
Changes in Status

As a cleared employee at UAH you are required to inform the Office of Research Security of any change in your status including a change in name, marital status, or citizenship or termination of employment. Also if the need for access to classified information in the future has been reasonably foreclosed, this must be reported to our office.

Representative of a Foreign Interest

In addition, should you become a representative of a foreign interest or should your status as an RFI materially change, this must be reported to our office.

Foreign Travel

Whenever you travel outside the United States for either business or pleasure you must report this travel to our office in advance of making the trip. We will provide a foreign travel briefing as necessary. Upon your return, you should report to the Facility Security Officer any suspicious contacts that may have occurred during your travel. See below for additional information regarding suspicious contacts.

Adverse Information

A cleared employee is required to report any adverse information that comes to his or her attention regarding another cleared person. These reports must be based on fact. Reports based on rumor or innuendo should not be made. We also suggest that, if any potentially adverse information should arise concerning you, you should contact us to report the circumstances. Self-reporting can go a long way toward mitigating the negative impact of adverse information. All reports of this nature are kept in strictest confidence and are reported only as required in accordance with the attached NISPOM (found here). Reports of this nature may also be submitted via the Defense Hotline.

Suspicious Contacts

Cleared employees are also required to report efforts by any individual, regardless of nationality, to obtain illegal or unauthorized access to classified information or to compromise a cleared employee. All contacts by cleared employees with known or suspected intelligence officers from any country or any contact which suggests the employee concerned may be the target of an attempted exploitation by the intelligence services of another country must be reported to our office.

Loss, Compromise, or Suspected Comprise

Any loss, compromise, or suspected compromise of classified information must be reported immediately to this office. If you are unable to locate a classified document that is supposed to be in your custody, do not delay in reporting this matter. Do not assume it will "turn up in a few hours." Report the problem as soon as you become aware of it.

Defense Hotline

While contractor personnel are encouraged to furnish information through established company channels, the Defense Hotline is provided as an unconstrained avenue to report, without fear of reprisal, known or suspected instances of serious security irregularities and infractions concerning contracts, programs, or projects. This alternate means of reporting is provided for your use when you consider it prudent or necessary.

Defense Hotline
The Pentagon
Washington, DC 20301-1900
(800) 424-9098

Reports Submitted to the FBI

A cleared employee must promptly report any information coming to his or her attention concerning actual, probable or possible espionage, sabotage, or subversive activities. Reports of this nature will be immediately forwarded to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). You may report this information directly to the FBI if you so choose.

Consult your Facility Standard Practice Procedure (SPP) for additional details about your reporting requirements.