Badging for Redstone Arsenal Access

The Office of Research Security will assist you with the process of obtaining an Army contractor badge or a Marshal Space Flight Center contractor badge as necessary if you will require access to Redstone Arsenal/MSFC in the performance of your duties on a contract. Click the appropriate link above to learn more about the type of badge you may require.  Before your badge card will be signed by your COTR a visit auth letter must be on file for that organization. Please see section: "Visit Authorization Letters."

Army Badging Procedures

If, as a requirement of the U.S. Army contract under which you are working, you will require access to Redstone Arsenal facilities on a recurring and continuing basis, you may be eligible to obtain a Personnel Identification Badge. Please contact the Office of Research Security:
        Denise Spiller - Contact by Email
        Delores Newton - Contact by Email

Common Access Card (CAC)

A common access card is obtained through the new government CVS system. For additional information on CVS please contact your PI for specific contract.

RSIC Forms

RSIC Patron Registration Form (Fillable PDF)