Programs and Services

Our Goal

is to provide a safe, educational environment fostering personal growth and development for all UAH students, faculty, and staff.

We Offer

guidance, academic support, and leadership opportunities that focus on creating mature, aware, and socially responsible individuals who advocate and dialogue for equity and social justice.


we build fun positive communities which honor and celebrate diversity. Through programming efforts ODMA strives to provide comprehensive cultural programs that reflect UAH's rich diverse Heritage.

Services we provide...

  • A safe space to dialogue around issues of social justice, diversity, and multiculturalism
  • Programs and events that relate to diversity issues
  • Mentoring, leadership training, and advocacy
  • Academic, professional, and personal development
  • Small resource library with books, videos, magazines, and scholarship information
  • Opportunities for student organizations to become stronger and more successful through supportive services such as co-sponsorship, advising, event planning, and publicity
  • A welcoming atmosphere to study, rest, and relax