Academic Technologies is pleased to offer podcasting capabilities to instructors at UAH. The process is very simple and relies on a small recording unit, which does not require changes of lecture style, to create audio files that can be uploaded to ANGEL. We have received a lot of very positive feedback from both the faculty who are podcasting and the students in their classes.

Anyone interested in podcasting or who wants more information can contact angel@uah.edu. A fifteen-minute training session is required and a limited number of recorders are available.

What faculty are saying about podcasting...

"I am still happy about my Podcasting experience. I am using podcasting to cover content that I am not able to cover during the regular class period. I am also finding it helpful in sharing tips with students' related clinical issues and how to manage the clinical experience in nursing."

-- Kay Hobson, Assistant Clinical Professor, College of Nursing


"Would say the single BEST thing is that when students miss class whether it's for an athletic travel day, or because they're sick, or even if they can't get a babysitter or even if they couldn't get themselves out of bed, all I have to do is say the notes are posted on Angel and I post the mp3 recordings of class! Then it's up to them! It is so easy to just hit record as I start teaching and uploading it to Angel just takes a minute once I get back to my office."

-- Mary Setzer, Lecturer and Chemistry Laboratory Manager, College of Science


"Podcasting has been great. I have noticed no effect on attendance. It seems to free up students to pay attention to lectures and class discussions rather than worrying whether they are getting everything written down. It also provides a convenient way for students who missed class for whatever reason to catch up as best they can without my having to rehash the material with them."

"Feedback on the fall SIEs written comments was universally positive."

-- Dr. Andrew Cling, Philosophy Department Chair, College of Liberal Arts


"I found recording my classes to be extremely easy and unobtrusive. I just stuck the microphone in my shirt pocket and found that it even picked up students who spoke in class. Uploading a recorded class to Angel was very easy and took about a minute. My only problem was remembering to turn on the recorder at the start of class and to turn it off at the end."

-- Dr. Jack Fix, Dean of the College of Science