Documentation and Training

UAH customized Panopto documentation can be found in Canvas ( via the Virtual Faculty Resource Center (VFRC) course. The tutorials found in Canvas will be of particular interest to UAH users as they will explain how Panopto interacts with our LMS.
In addition to the tutorials found in Canvas, Panopto has an excellent support site that can guide you though using the system. Go to to get the complete set of  Documentation and Training Videos. Some frequently referenced topics are listed below.

Student / Viewer Topics

General Overview of the Panopto viewer and how it works

 Learn how to take notes while using the Panopto viewer

Creator / Instructor Topics


Learn how to use the Panopto Windows recorder

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Panopto Windows recorder

Learn how to use the Mac recorder

Learn how to start a live broadcast


Learn how to trim beginning/end/middle out of recordings

Everything you ever wanted to know about Panopto editing