CrashPlan FAQs

What is CrashPlan PROe?

CrashPlanPROe is a backup solution available for all UAH faculty and staff.

How do I start using CrashPlan?

Navigate to Chargerware. Log in then download and install the appropriate version of CrashPlan for your device. After installation, an initial backup will begin running on your machine.

What devices are supported?

Windows (32-bit, 64-bit), Mac OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Can I generate backups of more than one machine?

Yes, each user is allowed to register up to four devices.

How do I download the CrashPlan app to my mobile device?

Navigate to the iTunes (Apple) or Play (Android) store on your device and search for CrashPlan PROe. There are several apps for CrashPlan so make sure you choose and install the PROe (black) version.

Will it back up my mobile?

No. Although downloading the CrashPlan PROe app and registering your mobile device does count as one of your four devices, it does not backup your mobile data. Registering a mobile device allows view access to your data in the cloud only.

What measures are in place to insure that my data is secure?

448-bit encryption is used in flight and at rest to insure your files are secure throughout the entire backup and restore process. The CrashPlan PROe cloud destination is located in Minneapolis, MN. Code 42, the company that manages that solution, only employs U.S. citizens. UAH system administrators are all U.S. citizens.

Can I backup to other locations?

Yes. By default, CrashPlan PROe will backup your files to the cloud but you can designate other backup locations, including other computers or external devices such as USB sticks or hard drives.

After the initial backup, how frequently is my data backed up?

By default, CrashPlan backs up every 15 minutes while your computer is online.

Will this slow down my computer/network?

The initial backup may take sometime; thereafter, only the data that changes is backed up. Additionally, the backup software is configured to limit its impact on the day-to-day usage of your computer. Overall its impact should be minimal such that you aren't aware it's running.

I have new computer. How can I recover files that I have previously backed up on another device?

CrashPlan allows you to adopt devices with new machines. This allows you to maintain the backup of your previous machine without going over your total device limit. Make sure to install CrashPlan on your new device prior to adopting and removing your old device. Read more about device adoption here.

Can I backup encrypted files?

Yes, you can backup your encrypted files. If you have to restore encrypted files, they will be restored with their original encryption.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact the OIT Help Desk by emailing or calling 256.824.3333.