Argos Documentation and Training

Functional Area Specialists who are designated by the Functional Area Data Steward to assist the OIT Argos team in designing data-blocks should view the following presentation, prior to the initial Argos Needs Assessment meeting.

Introduction to DataBlock Design Concepts

This presentation is designed to assist specialists in the Functional Areas in filling out data-block request forms and needs assessments for OIT designers.

User Roles

There are four user roles in Argos:

Argos Report Viewers have the ability to run reports that have been created for them. These include QuickView reports, Banded reports, OLAP cubes, and Dashboards.
Required skill set: Argos Report Viewer training courses
Helpful skills: Familiarity with Banner and report data

Argos Report Writers have the ability to run reports AND design and modify CSV reports and Banded reports.
Required skill set: Argos Report Viewer training courses; Argos Report Writer training courses; knowledge of Banner tables and data

Data-Block Designers build the data-blocks that Report Writers and Viewers utilize to get their data.
Required skill set: Knowledge of Banner tables and data; SQL proficiency (This role is reserved for OIT staff members.)

Argos Administrators can manage database connections, users and groups, security settings, LDAP configurations, queuing rules, scheduled reports, IP restrictions, back up settings, and automatic software updates. (This role is reserved for OIT staff members.)

Training needs to be completed before access to Argos is granted. In order to monitor the progress of training for those students wishing to gain access, the campus-wide ANGEL tool will be used which allows registered users to view the curriculum and track progress. Students will complete the appropriate Evisions training offerings of flash videos and user guides for their role.

Evisions Training Video Offerings

The following are the training videos that are available from (Evisions) and viewable via ANGEL:

  1. Evisions Report Viewer Part 1
  2. Evisions Report Viewer Part 2
  3. Evisions Report Viewer Part 3
  4. Evisions OLAP Data Cube Basics Part 1
  5. Evisions OLAP Data Cube Basics Part 2
  6. Evisions Report Writer Part 1
  7. Evisions Report Writer Part 2
  8. Evisions Report Writer Part 3

Additional Training Offerings

The following are additional Evisions user guides to assist users in working with the Argos tool:

  1. Banded Report Editor Function Guide
  2. Banded Report Editor User Guide
  3. Banded Editor Link with Band Option
  4. Report Writer Training Workbook

UAH Training Offerings

The following custom UAH curriculum is common among all functional areas:

  • Getting Started
  • Argos Report Viewer Training Workbook
  • Argos Report Writer Training Workbook 
  • Argos and SQL

Once each user has completed the required training curriculum designed for that user role, Argos access will be granted and functional area staff will be given classroom training specific to their own data-blocks.