UAH Document Imaging and Storage Policy


The purpose of this policy is to establish standards for the storage of documents within the UAH Document Imaging and Storage System. All university offices utilizing this system will be governed by this policy.

This policy is intended to ensure adequate storage space, fast retrieval times, and a secure environment for any office that wishes to utilize the Document Imaging and Storage system.


Any office wishing to use the Document Imaging and Storage System will be required to undergo basic training before access is granted. Training will be provided as part of the implementation process and additionally upon request. OIT will provide retraining as necessary to ensure that staff are updated in regards to any system changes that may occur over time.


Hardware should meet industry standards including supporting the ISIS driver that compresses images after being scanned.

OIT can provide a list of recommended scanners and their specifications upon request. OIT will assist with the configuration of scanners to ensure proper set-up.


The industry standard dpi setting for scanning documents is 300 DPI which provides great resolution and small image file.

Recommended Default Settings:

  • Black and White (Bi-tonal)
  • Dots per Inch (DPI) will always be 300 dpi

Color Scanning:

Color scanning should be limited to cases where for legal or readability reasons it is required. It color scanning is necessary the settings will be 24-bit color at either 100 or 75 dpi; 16-level gray or 256-level gray should not be used.

Settings above industry standards must first be approved by OIT.



Access to images will be provided only through the Document Imaging and Storage System Application. Accounts to the system are maintained by OIT and will be administered in conjunction with Banner data credentials.

During the implementation process and when new staff are requested to be provided access, OIT will work with the document owner to establish the application and document level security access.

Access to scanned images will only be granted upon the approval of the document owner.


In order to conserve storage space and ensure uninterrupted scanning, the size of the final image will be monitored via audit mechanisms. OIT will automatically resize images that exceed established limits and work with the user to adjust configurations as needed.

It may be necessary for the user to delete and rescan image(s) in situations where OIT cannot adjust the file size without compromising the integrity of the image.

Verification and Retention


It is the responsibility of the end user to verify the scanned image and retain the printed document until verified.


Documents will be stored in the most efficient way possible. OIT reserves the right to move documents to different storage media if necessary. Advanced notification will be provided to users to the extent possible.


Documents are to be removed from the system when they are no longer needed. It is the responsibility of the end user to ensure that the disposal of documents adhere to applicable retention policies and laws.


Failure to adhere to the established settings, repeated abuse of the system and/or failure to promptly act on a notification may result in the temporary suspension of scanning privileges until the settings are properly configured with the assistance of OIT.


OIT may revise this policy as industry standards change in order to continue current service levels related to accessibility, reliability, and security of the system. The most current copy of this policy will be available on the OIT website.

Scanner Setting Quick Guide

 Setting  Resolution  DPI
 Black and White  Bi-tonal  300
 Color  24-bit  100
 Color  24-bit 75

NOTE: Only use color setting where necessary for legal or readability reasons

Approved: 07/17/2012

Policy Number IT0712-01