UAH ResNet Policy

UAH Residence Hall Network Use Policy

Policy Last Revised: August 2006

As a resident of UAH University Housing you have the privilege of connecting your privately owned personal computer to the Housing Residential Network (ResNet), so long as you comply with the Alabama Research and Education Network (AREN) Acceptable Use Policy, UAH General Computer Use Policy, applicable state and federal law and this policy.

All network users must comply with federal copyright law. Violations of copyright law are also violations of University policy. Copying, distributing, sharing, downloading, or uploading any information or material on the Internet may infringe the copyright for that information or material. Upon becoming aware of infringing activities, the University will take action to stop that activity. Such actions include loss of network access privileges and disciplinary action under the Student Judicial Code. In addition to any such University action, the copyright owner may take legal action against the individual concerned, to include seeking money damages and seeking criminal prosecution of those who infringe their copyrights.

Although the primary purpose of ResNet is for activities which are academic in nature, you may use ResNet resources for recreational purposes so long as those activities do not violate any applicable law or policy or impede the legitimate use of campus network or ResNet resources by other users.

Your use of ResNet is a privilege, not a right, and may be revoked at any time. To be granted the privilege of becoming and remaining a ResNet user, you must comply with the following:

  1. You may have only one wired computer registered for use with ResNet at a time.
  2. Computer Virus/Vulnerability Checkout. To protect your system, your fellow ResNet users, and other university network computer users from viruses and Internet worms, you must allow your system to undergo a security/vulnerability checkout prior to its being registered for use on ResNet.

    It is important that you consult your Quick Start user guide (to be provided at the check-in desks during move-in or at the Housing Office) for additional information on the system checkout and computer registration process. It should be noted that the purpose of this checkout is to ensure your privately owned computer is not infected by a virus or vulnerable to an Internet worm. When it is determined that your system is free of viruses/security vulnerabilities you will be allowed to register (an online process) for ResNet access privileges.

    There is no charge for this checkout service. You are solely responsible for taking those steps necessary to enable your computer to pass checkout testing.
  3. You must remain with your computer for the duration of the computer checkout, if OIT personnel are conducting it for you. This includes checkouts conducted at the OIT Help Desk located in the M. Louis Salmon Library. You are not allowed to just leave it with us!
  4. You must have effective antiviral software installed and operating on your computer. You must keep the antiviral definitions for your antiviral software up-to-date. For your convenience, OIT provides, at no cost, a version of McAfee antiviral software to current residents of the residence halls. You will have the option of having this software loaded/configured during the Computer Virus/Vulnerability checkouts. More information on the free McAfee antiviral software is available on the OIT Help Desk website.
  5. You must keep your operating system up-to-date with the latest security/vulnerability patches.
  6. You must not configure your computer with any address other than one provided by UAH OIT. Connection to the UAH network is restricted to OIT-issued addresses.
  7. You must not configure your computer as a network server of any kind without the express prior written permission of the UAH OIT Director of Customer Service and Training.

    NOTE: Some software programs automatically install and/or activate a network server function without providing any notice on your computer screen that this is being done. It is your responsibility to read program documentation to become aware of such programs so that you may request the necessary approval.

    Examples of use of your computer as a network server include, but are not limited to, hosting a website, hosting a gaming server, hosting a streaming video and/or audio server, and providing server services for DHCP/BOOTP, NAT, NTP, FTP, IRC and NFS. All of these uses are prohibited without the express prior written permission of UAH OIT Director of Customer Service and Training.

    File and print sharing are allowed, but only if access to the shared resources is limited to connections from within UAH Housing complex facilities.
  8. You must not connect any devices such as network switches, network hubs, wireless access points, network routers, Xbox or any other game-oriented network device to the network without the express prior written permission of the UAH OIT Director of Customer Service and Training.
  9. You must not download or use any application or software that provides unauthorized network access or creates unauthorized network traffic.
  10. You must not download, use, or have installed or present on your computer any network eavesdropping (sniffers) software or protocol analyzers.
  11. You must confine all high network traffic activities (e.g. music and/or video, large file transfers, video gaming, etc...) to between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 7:30 a.m. You must also limit these transfers to one session at a time.
  12. You must be a licensed user of a supported operating system. Operating systems shall not be used to extend the network in any way. The current list of supported operating systems may be found on the OIT website. 
  13. Limited wireless access is available to ResNet users who reside in Southeast Campus Housing (SECH). If you are a resident of SECH and you wish to use wireless:
  • This service will be provided, initially, on a case-by-case basis.
  • You must use a wireless network adapter which is both "802.11b" and "Wi-Fi" compatible.
  • Your system must undergo the Computer Virus/Vulnerability Checkout before it will be allowed to connect to the ResNet.
  • You are, of course, still bound by this policy. Contact the OIT Help Desk if you are unsure what network interface card is compatible with our wireless system.
  • The use of wireless networking devices in any Housing complex other than SECH is strictly prohibited.

The violation of any provision of this policy or other applicable laws or policies may result in refusal or loss of ResNet access privileges and/or disciplinary action via the Student Judicial Board.

With your cooperation and that of the other students in the residence halls, we can provide better network services for everyone.