Getting Started For Guests

This section is designed to bring together IT related information and resources for guests at UAH. For more information visit the OIT Help Center or contact the OIT Help Desk.

Phone: 256-824-3333 | Email: OIT Help Center

1. Get to know the UAH Technology Policies

2. If you want to access the UAH network, your supervisor or sponsor will need to contact the OIT Help Desk to request a guest account.

The OIT Help Desk will need your name, location on campus, phone extension on campus (if applicable), and your arrival and departure dates.

Contact the OIT Help Desk:

  • Phone: 256-824-3333
  • Email:

3. Anti-Virus Software

Up-to-date anti-virus software is required to access Internet on the UAH campus. The OIT Help Desk provides free anti-virus software through McAfee. 

4. Wireless

5. Help Desk

The OIT Help Desk provides technical assistance for the UAH community.