Getting Started For New Faculty

This section is designed to bring together IT related information and resources for faculty at UAH. For more information visit the OIT Help Center or contact the OIT Help Desk.

Phone: 256-824-3333 | Email: OIT Help Center

1. Get to know the UAH Technology Policies

2. Learn about your Campus IDs

3. Accounts

Banner (Self-Service)

You will use your Charger ID to log into this account.

Google Apps

Google Applications for Education is used for your official UAH email account. UAH faculty are provided with a gmail account, and also have access to other useful applications, such as Calendar and Documents. You will log in to Google Apps by using your Charger ID at or by using your official email address ( at

-Find out about your Official UAH Email Address

-Visit the UAH Google Apps Learning Center


myUAH is a portal site that contains links to helpful UAH information, as well as direct links to Banner (Self Service) and Canvas. Once you have singed into myUAH using your Charger ID, you can access Banner (Self-Service) and Canvas without logging onto each application.

4. Password Management

OIT User Services Portal

This tool allows you to change your Charger ID password and manage your Google Apps account.

Banner (Self-Service) Password Reset

This page will explain how to manage your Banner account.

5. Anti-Virus Software

Up-to-date anti-virus software is required to access Internet on the UAH campus. The OIT Help Desk provides free anti-virus software through McAfee. Faculty computers are kept up to date automatically with EPO Agent.

6. Wireless

7. Faculty Resource Center

The FRC provides technical support for faculty members.

8. Podcasting

Make use of the podcasting capabilities provided by the Academic Technologies department.

9. Classroom AV

10. Help Desk

The OIT Help Desk provides technical assistance for the UAH community.