Overview OIT facilitates online software distribution and, for certain software, distribution via media. By negotiating favorable licensing terms, we make much of this software available without charge or at a reduced cost. Software packages include programs for reading email and web browsing, as well as antivirus, backup and office applications.
Available To Students, Faculty, Researchers, Staff, Departments, New/Incoming Students
Benefits Departments and individuals can easily obtain selected software without charge or at a reduced cost, without taking on the costs and risks associated with negotiating licenses and support contracts, setting up online distribution mechanisms, and operating license servers. The University optimizes economy and efficiency by negotiating lower prices on selected software, making it attractive for widespread adoption throughout the community.
Key Features
  • Online distribution of most software makes it easy to obtain
  • Software is often available without charge or at a reduced cost
  • The packages available on Chargerware are updated regularly, so patches and upgrades are consistently available
Requirements Requirements vary by product; see the individual product descriptions for details.
Cost No charge for most software; see the individual product descriptions for details.
Getting Started
  • See the list of individual products licensed and/or distributed by OIT in the Chargerware application
  • To download programs from Chargerware, you will need valid Charger credentials and a compatible web browser