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Sep 16
Fourth annual Gopi Podila Memorial Scholarship awarded
Fourth annual Gopi Podila Memorial Scholarship awarded


Senior Maria Torres was presented with the fourth annual Gopi Podila Memorial Scholarship at a ceremony held yesterday by the Department of Biological Sciences at UAH.

Named for the late Dr. Gopi Podila, the $1000 scholarship is sponsored by the Partnership for Biotechnology Research (PBR), of which Dr. Podila was a founding member. It is awarded each year to an undergraduate student in the biological sciences who exemplifies the scholarship's three criteria: academic performance, service to the department, and a demonstrated interest in biological research.

This year, two students - Torres and fellow senior Garrett Dunn - were nominated. "It was a very close vote, as always," says Dr. Debra Moriarity, Chair of the Department of Biological Sciences. "Both of them have a 4.0 grade average, both are double majors in biology and chemistry, and both are very involved in research, so the faculty had trouble choosing between them."



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Systems Dynamics Modeling: Reducing Lifecycle Costs through Reliability Investments

An approach to investigating sustainment costs that incorporates both readiness and time of payback is to view the support process as an on-going enterprise supply chain that provides new parts, repair, support, maintenance, etc. over the operating life cycle. Improvements in reliability clearly affect the operational aspects of the supply chain through reductions in removals, overhaul requirements, new spare acquisitions, shipment of replacements and all of the associated and related costs.

Simulations of such enterprises using a dynamic modeling approach have established a relationship between improvements in reliability and reduced operating costs as well as indicating changes in readiness levels and time of payback.

lifecyclecosts purchasing    lifecyclecosts repair

Dynamic modeling of supply chain lifecycle costs provide benefits:

  • Demonstrating the affect of reliability investments and reliability improvements on lifecycle costs
  • Demonstrating the additional impact of demand and unit cost on payback periods of reliability investments
  • Providing guidance for analysis of investment strategies in regards to reducing overall lifecycle costs

lifecyclecosts annual_spend

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