About OEIS

Who We Are

OEIS Researchers are full-time, non academic researchers with over 150 years of combined experience in various industries in both the commercial and government sectors. OEIS has extensive expertise in mapping, analyzing and improving supply chains within the Department of Defense, NASA and the private sector. As a non-profit organization, we maintain the flexibility to work alongside multiple organizations as a non-competitive partner in resolving challenges at all levels in the enterprise supply chain.

As part of a Research University our team has direct interface with academic staff, graduate students and over 18 independent research centers within UAHuntsville, further enabling the application and transfer of research and solutions to our customers, our state and nation.

Our staff of Lean/Six Sigma and SCOR® certified professionals utilizes proven continuous improvement techniques in training and application while developing solutions to meet the unique needs of our customers.

Meet our Staff

What We Do

OEIS helps government and industry cope with enterprise challenges by providing our customers and sponsors with enterprise-level solutions through education, discovery, and application of innovative supply chain and product lifecycle management.

Our research staff works directly with our customers to develop flexible solutions to meet the specific needs to face the dynamic challenges impacting industry and government.

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