subtitles engineering safety

Information provided on this page is specific to engineering please visit the chemical or biological safety pages for specific information in these areas.

Manuals, Plans, Programs, and Templates:

Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan (pdf)
Laser Safety Manual
Gas Cylinder Policy (docx)
General Industry Safety Guidelines (doc)
Nanomaterials Safety Manual

Quick Information:

What is a Potentially Explosive Material and How It Can be Safely Managed (docx)

Powerpoint presentation on Safety with Energetic Materials (pptx)

Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms Explosives Lists (PDF) - Use of these require additional notification and security.  Contact the OEHS at 824-6053.

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Shop Safety

Shop Safety Rules (docx)

Engineering Design and Prototyping Facility Access and Monitoring Policy (docx)

Safety Requirement Review and Agreement for Students (docx)

Safety Requirement Review and Agreement for Supervisors (docx)

Shop Access Card Application (pdf)