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Universal Waste

Universal waste regulations include hazardous waste batteries, mercury-containing equipment, pesticides, and lamps.  This category of hazardous waste poses a relatively low risk to human health and/or the environment during accumulation, storage, and transport>. Universal Wastes are generated by nearly every type of business and in private residences. The widespread use of these products has provided the potential for large quantities of hazardous components in the wastes to accumulate in the environment.  EPA's primary goal for the universal waste program is to encourage the recycling of these items. The EPA developed streamlined regulations for the management of Universal Waste to encourage conservation of resources and adequately protect human life and the environment.  Regulations are found in 40 Code of Federal Regulations Part 273 and the Alabama Administrative Code 335-14-1.  In addition to the Universal Wastes designated by the EPA, the state of Alabama also regulates cathode ray tubes (CRTs).

Training is required for all employees who handle Universal Waste as per 40 CFR 262.34.


Universal Waste Annual Generator Training (PowerPoint) - required for all employees who handle universal waste.

  • Universal Waste Management Plan (coming soon)