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Material Safety Data Sheets

The OSHA Hazard Communication Standard provides people the right-to-know the hazards and identities of the chemicals they are exposed to in the workplace. When employees have this information, they may effectively participate in their employers’ protective programs and take steps to protect themselves. In addition, the standard gives employers the information they need to design and implement an effective protective program for employees potentially exposed to hazardous chemicals. Together these actions will result in a reduction of chemical source illnesses and injuries .

All supervisors of persons utilizing hazardous materials must ensure that MSDS are available for them and for persons who may enter into the area. Three ring binders located outside the entrance to the area are recommended. 

An  inventory of all hazardous materials must be maintained as well.  The inventory must be submitted to the OEHS annually during laboratory audits. 

OSHA  has recently adopted the Globally Harmonized System.  This effects changes to the classification and labeling of chemical materials .  Training will be updated in 2013 to include the new information.

Additional MSDS Information