RN-BSN Curriculum and Prerequisites

RN licensure is required for the RN-BSN program and must be maintained throughout the program. Unlicensed students should apply to our regular BSN program.

Students interested in the RN-MSN program must meet unconditional graduate admission criteria. Students pursuing this program will substitute four graduate courses.

Lower Division (Prerequsite) Curriculum

Course No. Course Name
EH101 English Composition 1
EH102 English Composition 2
PHL, SPH Philosophy, Logic, Ethics, Speech
ART/MUS/THR Fine Arts Elective
ENG* Literature I
ENG* Literature II, Arts/Human Elective
MA110, MA112 Finite Math, Pre-Calculus Algebra
CH104 Chemistry w/lab
BYS103 General Biology w/lab
PSY200 General Psychology
SOC200 Introduction to Sociology
HIS* History I
HIS* History II or Social Science Elective
BIO220 Microbiology w/lab
BIO201 Human A&P 1 w/lab
BIO202 Human A&P 2 w/lab
MTH265 Statistics
PSY210 Human Growth & Development

All 18 prerequisite courses identified above must be completed prior to starting the RN-MSN/MSN program.

* Sequence Requirement: Students must complete a two course sequence in Literature or History

RN-BSN Online Upper Division Curriculum

Summer Semester

UAH Course  Semester Hours
 NUR 339  Information Management in Healthcare  3 SH 
 NUR 410  Transition into Professional Roles 3 SH 
   Total 6 SH 

Fall Semester

UAH Course  Semester Hours
 NUR 417  Nursing Care of Vulnerable Populations  4 SH 
 NUR 414  Health Assessment for the Practicing Nurse  3 SH 
 NUR 413  Leadership in Professional Practice  5 SH 
   Total 12 SH 

Spring Semester

UAH Course  Semester Hours
 NUR 422  Caring for Families, Aggregates, and Populations  6 SH
 NUR 421  Acute Care for the Practicing RN   3 SH
 NUR 423  Evidence Based Nursing for the Practicing RN   3 SH
 NUR 000  Validation Credit (37 Hours)    
   Total 12 SH 

Program total = 30 Semester Hours

Course curriculum is subject to change.

College of Nursing: 4-Year Rolling Class Schedule, Fall 2015 - Spring 2019

NUR 339 Information Management in Healthcare Y N Y N Y N Y N
NUR 410 Transition to Professional Roles Y N Y N Y N Y N
NUR 411 Theoretical Applications in Nursing Practice Y N Y N Y N Y N
NUR 413 Leadership in Professional Practice Y N Y N Y N Y N
NUR 412 Caring for Families, Aggregates, and Populations N Y N Y N Y N Y
NUR 414 Health Assessment for the Practicing Professional Nurse N Y N Y N Y N Y
NUR 419 Scholarly Inquiry in Nursing Practice N Y N Y N Y N Y
NUR 420 Evidence Based Nursing Practice N Y N Y N Y N Y
NUR 000 Validation Credit N Y N Y N Y N Y


Y Course will be offered in the designated term.
M Course will likely be offered in designated term, but availability will be determined by faculty availability and budget.
N Course will not be offered in designated term.
D Course may be made available given appropriate demand or interest.

UAH College of Nursing will make every effort to adhere to the class plan schedule, but it reserves the right to make necessary adjustments based on budget and faculty availability.

* Course has a required lab section.