DNP Faculty and Areas of Expertise

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The care of women throughout the lifespan, particularly during the childbearing years is my primary scholarly interest. I enjoy instrument and theory development, and quantitative or qualitative research.
My clinical background is rural health nursing with a primary focus in the area of medical-surgical nursing. Health disparities of rural children (clinical) and nursing education (academic) serve as my research interests. My research with rural children was the impetus for the KIDCHECK program that was implemented in the State of Alabama.
Clinical background: Adult Nurse Practitioner, Diabetes/Endocrine disorders, Diabetes Self-Management Training. Research Interests: Clinical Informatics, Technology Implementation in Chronic Disease Management.
My clinical area is women health and midwifery. My program of research focuses on maternal and child heath, environmental health (e.g., smoking and indoor air pollutants), occupational health, and space and life sciences.
My clinical background is adult and pediatric critical care and emergency management. My research interest concerns inborn errors of metabolism and genetic/genomic nursing.
My program of research focuses on intimate partner violence to include intimate partner violence during pregnancy and its effect on birth outcomes and infant bonding, also intimate partner violence screening practices of nurses and dating violence among college women.
My clinical experience is community health nursing, hospice and palliative nursing, and nursing administration. My research interests include palliative nursing care, nurses caring and ways of knowing related to clinical decision making, and nursing education.
My clinical areas are nursing administration and informatics. My program of research focuses on outcomes in health services and nursing education.
My clinical interests are in nursing leadership and administration, identifying and bridging gaps in leader and nurse manager competencies in the clinical setting, and utilizing theories to facilitate changes in clinical practice to promote quality outcomes.
My clinical experience is in acute care and transplantation. My research interests are related to organ donation and transplantation, co-morbidities, health-related quality of life, and the role of the acute care nurse practitioner.
Clinical Background: Emergency Medicine Family Nurse Practitioner, Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator. Research Interests: Clinical Healthcare Simulation, Advanced Practice Scope of Practice, Policy and Politics, Ethics
My main research interest is focused on a patient’s adherence behavior, their decision making skills, with an emphasis on utilizing gained multidisciplinary knowledge in the promotion of patient empowerment towards their own chronic care management in a supportive and safe environment.
My clinical background includes ICU, Family Practice and Occupational Health. My program of research focuses on occupational health research particularly focused on the relationships of job stress, obesity, and prediabetes.
My clinical background is in medical, cardiac, and respiratory critical care. My scholarly activities involve bedside and bench translational research and technology in healthcare.
My clinical background includes family practice, women’s health, health promotion, and community health. My research interests center around these four areas: disaster nursing/management, disability nursing, forensics/forensic nursing, and public/global health.
My clinical experience is in in-patients obstetrics and mother-baby care. My scholarly work is on the topic of lactation, skin-to-skin contact, and clinical practice change. Additionally, I’m interested in variables associated with academic and NCLEX success.
My clinical background is home health and case management. My research focus is improving outcomes for people with dementia, geriatric palliative and end-of-life care with a focus on chronic illness and symptom management, end-of-life treatment options, and instrument development.
My major areas of focus in terms of education and work experience are administration and community health nursing. My research interest centers on health behaviors.
My clinical areas are acute care specializing in cardiovascular disorders. My program of research focuses on heart failure, health literacy and staff development.