BSN for ADN Curriculum and Prerequisites

There are two components to the BSN curriculum. The lower division (pre-professional) component is for students admitted to the university with a nursing major. The upper division (professional) component includes the clinical component of the nursing curriculum and is restricted to students who have been admitted to the nursing program.

RN licensure is required for the ADN-BSN program and must be maintained throughout the program. Unlicensed students should apply to our regular BSN program.

Students interested in the RN-MSN program must meet unconditional graduate admission criteria. Students pursuing this program will substitute four graduate courses.

Lower Division (Prerequsite) Curriculum

UAH Course Prerequisite Course Requirements Semester Hours
MA 110 or MA 112 Finite Mathematics of Pre-Calculus Algebra 3 SH
PY 300/SOC 333 Statistics 3-4 SH
CH 101/105 General Chemistry w/lab 4 SH
BYS 119/119L General Biology w/lab 4 SH
BYS 214/214L Infection and Immunity w/lab
(a Microbiology course)
4 SH
BYS 313/313L Human Anatomy & Physiology 1 w/lab 4 SH
BYS 314/314L Human Anatomy & Physiology 2 w/lab 4 SH
EH 101 English Composition 1 3 SH
EH 102 English Composition 2 3 SH
EH** Literature 3 SH
HY** History 3 SH
PY 101 General Psychology 3 SH
SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology 3 SH
PY 201 Lifespan Development
(a Human Growth and Development course)
3 SH
PHL 101/201/202 Philosophy or Logic or Ethics (or Speech) 3 SH
HY or SS*** History or Social Science Elective 3 SH
EH or AH*** Literature or Arts/Humanities Elective 3 SH
ARH/MU/CM* Fine Arts Elective (Art or Music or Theater) 3 SH

Prerequisite total = 59-60 Semester Hours (SH)

Note: This curriculum pattern is for registered nurses who wish to achieve their bachelors degree. All prerequisite courses identified above must be completed prior to starting the upper division portion of the program.

* Fine Arts Elective: Choose one of the following: ARH 100 or 101 or 103, ARS 123 or 160 or 250, CM 122, or MU 100

** History: Choose one of the following: HY 101, HY 102, HY 103, or HY 104

** Literature: Choose one of the following: EH 207, EH 208

*** Sequence Requirement: Students must complete a two course sequence in Literature or History.

*** Social Science Electives: Any psychology, sociology, history, political science, economics, or geography

*** Arts/Humanities Electives: Any art, music, literature, theatre, speech, philosophy, ethics, or foreign language

ADN-BSN Online Upper Division Curriculum

Fall Semester

UAH Course  Semester Hours
 NUR 410-81  Transition into Professional Practice** 4 SH 
 NUR 411-81  Theoretical Applications in Nursing Practice
 (pre or corequisites: NUR 339, NUR 410) 
5 SH 
 NUR 339-81  Information Management in Healthcare  3 SH 

Spring Semester

UAH Course  Semester Hours
 NUR 412-81  Caring for Families, Aggregates, and Populations (84 clinical hours)
 (Prerequisites: NUR 339, NUR 410. Corequisites: NUR 414, NUR 419) 
7 SH
 NUR 414-81  Health Assessment for the Practicing Professional Nurse  3 SH
 NUR 419-81  Scholarly Inquiry in Nursing
 (Prerequisite: Statistics)
 3 SH

Summer Semester - Session I

UAH Course  Semester Hours
 NUR 413-81  Leadership in Professional Practice
 (Prerequisite NUR 410) 
3 SH
 NUR Elective  Nursing Elective (300 or 400 level)  3 SH

Summer Semester - Session II

UAH Course  Semester Hours
 NUR 420-81  Evidence Based Nursing Practice  3 SH 
 NUR Elective  Nursing Elective (300 or 400 level)  3 SH 

ADN-BSN Upper Division total = 37 Semester Hours

Total Program = 128-129 Semester Hours

[Lower Division (59-60) + Validated Nursing Credit (32) + Upper Division (37)]

** Validated Nursing Credit is applied following successful completion of NUR 410-81.

Course curriculum is subject to change.