RN-BSN Curriculum and Prerequisites

RN licensure is required for the RN-BSN program and must be maintained throughout the program. Unlicensed students should apply to our regular BSN program.

Students interested in the RN-MSN program must meet unconditional graduate admission criteria. Students pursuing this program will substitute four graduate courses.

Lower Division (Prerequsite) Curriculum

Course No. Course Name
EH101 English Composition 1
EH102 English Composition 2
PHL, SPH Philosophy, Logic, Ethics, Speech
ART/MUS/THR Fine Arts Elective
ENG* Literature I
ENG* Literature II, Arts/Human Elective
MA110, MA112 Finite Math, Pre-Calculus Algebra
CH104 Chemistry w/lab
BYS103 General Biology w/lab
PSY200 General Psychology
SOC200 Introduction to Sociology
HIS* History I
HIS* History II or Social Science Elective
BIO220 Microbiology w/lab
BIO201 Human A&P 1 w/lab
BIO202 Human A&P 2 w/lab
MTH265 Statistics
PSY210 Human Growth & Development

All 18 prerequisite courses identified above must be completed prior to starting the RN-MSN/MSN program.

* Sequence Requirement: Students must complete a two course sequence in Literature or History

RN-BSN Online Upper Division Curriculum

Fall Semester

UAH Course  Semester Hours
 NUR 339  Information Management in Healthcare  3 SH 
 NUR 410  Transition into Professional Roles 3 SH 
 NUR 411  Theoretical Applications in Nursing Practice  3 SH 
 NUR 413  Leadership in Professional Practice  5 SH 

Spring Semester

UAH Course  Semester Hours
 NUR 412  Caring for Families, Aggregates, and Populations  7 SH
 NUR 414  Health Assessment for the Practicing Professional Nurse   3 SH
 NUR 419  Scholarly Inquiry in Nursing Practice   3 SH
 NUR 420  Evidence Based Nursing Practice   3 SH
 NUR 000  Validation Credit (39 Hours)   16 SH

RN-BSN Upper Division total = 30 Semester Hours

Course curriculum is subject to change.