Yongbin Lin

Email: Fax: 256-824-2856

Professional Profile

  • B.S. in Chemistry and materials, MS and PhD in Optical Science and Engineering.
  • Lens design and modeling with Zemax, optical testing using interferometer, physical optics and polarization.
  • 3 years experience in microfabrication techniques, polymer photonic devices fabrication process development and optical devices design.
  • Ultracompact arrayed waveguide grating (AWG) design, simulation and fabrication.
  • Experienced in high vacuum system, Microfabrication equipments service and maintenance.
  • Inductively coupled plasma reactive ion etcher (ICP-RIE) process and recipe development.
  • Electron beam lithography (EBL) system setup, auto alignment, e-beam resists and patterning.
  • SEM and chemical Analysis by Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometry (EDS).
  • Fabrication process development for waveguide and photonics devices.
  • Measurement system setup and automation with LabView for optical fiber and waveguide device.
  • Strong background with B.S. degree in chemistry and photosensitive materials.
  • Fiber Bragg grating theory, design, fabrication, test and application.
  • Commercial fiber optics components design, fabrication, test, packaging and marketing.
  • Application Software: Matlab, BeamProp, Lab View, Zemax, and Lasi7.
  • Strong analytical skills. Self-motivated, innovation, fast learner, teamwork and good communication skills.



Feb. 2007 -- Present: Research scientist,
Nano and Micro Devices Center (NMDC), UAH
  • Carry out research in advanced nanotechnology projects.
  • Innovative photonic waveguide devices and sensors design, simulation and fabrication.

Aug. 2002 -- Dec. 2006:    Optical Science and Engineering program, Physics department, UAH

  • Broad knowledge of diverse semiconductor microfabrication techniques such as thin film deposition, photolithography, plasma etching, wet etching, E-beam lithography, and others.
  • Working experience in E-Beam Lithography (EBL) system setup and calibration, multi-field auto-alignment with better than 40nm accuracy, field stitch technique and characterization, charging reduction techniques and implemented automated pattern layout for nano patterns in designCAD.
  • Developed a polymer waveguide devices fabrication process with EBL and demonstrated the high efficiency single air interface bends in a polymer material system. Demonstrated an ultracompact AWG using air-trench bends.
  • Working experience in troubleshooting and maintenance of various microfabricaiton equipment with high vacuum systems. Broad knowledge on the system control and adjustment. Proven ability of cleanroom equipment management.
  • Measured bend efficiency of fabricated single air interface bends. Waveguide loss measurements using cut back method.
  • Measurement system control and automation with labview and GPIB interface with NI-488.2 communication.

January 2002 -- June 2002:    Xiamen San-U Opto-electronic Technology co., Ltd. China

Internship. Design, fabrication, test, packaging and marketing of commercial fiber optics components, such as coupler & WDM, photo detector and transceiver.

Aug 1999 -- December 2001:     Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Terre Haute, IN

Wideband Optically Multiplexed Beamformer Architecture Group

  • Designed and constructed an intra-cavity second-harmonic Ar+ laser (488 nm) system to fabricate Fiber Bragg Gratings for 1310 nm single-mode fiber.
  • Use Excimer laser and setup an experiment to fabricate the FBG.
  • Designed and setup an interferometer with variable fringe spacing for fiber exposure at 244 nm.
  • Designed and tested 5 Fiber Bragg Gratings ( FBGs ) or the construction of TTD arrays that provide time delays between 2-channels for full steering angular bandwidth.
  • Designed and constructed a system to measure the reflectivity and center wavelength of the FBG.

Honor & Activities

  • Treasurer, International Student Association, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
  • Vice president, Badminton club, University of Alabama in Huntsville.


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