Turnitin - Instructor Training

To setup a Turnitin account, contact Jack Drost or Belinda Ong If you use Turnitin with your classes, you must also include the following statement with your syllabus:

UAH is committed to the fundamental values of preserving academic honesty as defined in the Student Handbook (7.1). The instructor reserves the right to utilize electronic means to help prevent plagiarism. Students agree that by taking this course all assignments are subject to submission for textual similarity review Assignments submitted to will be included as source documents in's restricted access database solely for the purpose of detecting plagiarism in such documents.

Turnitin Features

OriginalityCheck - originality checking and plagiarism prevention

What is OriginalityCheck?

Students self submit papers into the Turnitin service for comparison against existing sources on the web and against a database of papers previously submitted to Turnitin. Each submitted paper receives an "Originality Report" which provides instructors with insight into any similarities that may appear between student written work and existing source material. The paper receives an "Overall Similarity Index" (OSI) score, represented as a percentage, that indicates what percent of the total paper is comprised of similar content. Using the OSI score and a copy of the student paper (presented in its original form—retaining all original layout and images), instructors can review the paper for instances of improper citation or plagiarism. Instructors also have the option of allowing students to check their papers themselves, providing an educational opportunity for teaching citation of sources.

GradeMark - feedback and student assessment tools

What is GradeMark?

"Drag and drop" commenting tools and access to grammar, spelling, and writing mechanics checking services allows instructors to mark and comment on students' papers online. Instructors can also access, build, and upload writing rubrics for evaluating written work. GradeMark automatically calculates paper grades based on rubric criterion scores that instructors input. In addition, GradeMark offers instructors the ability to leave voice comments as feedback on students' work. With GradeMark, instructors have the added benefit of accessing all of their students' papers online, eliminating the need for paper copies. When used with the Angel dropbox, grading done in GradeMark automatically transfers into the Angel gradebook for the course.

PeerMark - online student peer reviews

What is PeerMark?

PeerMark promotes collaborative learning by allowing students to review each other's written work online This facilitates development of an understanding of writing for an audience as well as practice in the iterative process of writing.