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Women's Studies Fair

Upcoming Events

FALL 2014

Silence Hurts Everyone Event on Thursday, September 18

UAH Women’s and Gender Studies and the UAH Offices of Diversity and Student Affairs will sponsor the event “Silence Hurts Everyone,” on Thursday, September 18, at 7 p.m., in UAH’s Charger Union Theater.

The event speaks against rape and honors courageous survivors who speak out about their experiences. It features the trailer for Not Our Bodies, a documentary on rape culture and the African-American community under development by David Person, the main coordinator of the event. Person is a journalist who serves on USA Today’s Board of Contributors and has done feature reporting for National Public Radio’s Morning Edition. He also hosts WEUP Talk, a daily call-in talk show for WEUP, 94.5 FM/1700 AM/weupam.com, the oldest black-owned radio station in Alabama.

Person and his collaborator, Natalie Wells-Tibbs, will recognize a representative of Mrs. Recy Taylor, whose experience of sexual assault is featured in the film. The event will also recognize Crisis Services of North Alabama, a local non-profit who serves survivors of sexual assault. The event also honors Jade Wagner, who survived campus rape and works to raise awareness of campus rape culture. Huntsville’s own Grammy-nominated artist Kelvin Wooten will offer musical performances. Also appearing will be comic-con legend Michael Davis and actress Erika Alexander of The Cosby Show and Living Single.

The event is free and open to the public. For film information, visit notourbodies.com. For more information about David Person, see www.davidpersonmedia.com. Direct questions to Molly Johnson at molly.johnson@uah.edu or (256) 824-2566.



If you have any questions about our upcoming events, please contact the Women's and Gender Studies Program Office at 256-824-6190 or womensstudies@uah.edu.