Women speak with a group.

Our Program

The field of Women's Studies, as an area of scholarship, focuses on the contributions, perspectives, and experiences of women in all areas of human endeavor. It also promotes greater understanding of gender as a fundamental category of meaning. To enable students to explore this area of scholarship, the Women's Studies Program at UAHuntsville offers an academic minor. Students from majors in all colleges at UAHuntsville can complete the Women's Studies minor. Our many courses, which represent a variety of disciplines ranging from sociology to history to biology to management, not only support the minor, but also expose countless students in multiple departments to the study of women and gender.

The Women's Studies Program is supported by multiple faculty and staff members from across campus. These individuals advise the Women's Studies Program, teach courses that focus on women and gender, sponsor student clubs and contests, and help organize and support Women's Studies events.

The Women's Studies Program at UAHuntsville first began in 1995. We are very proud of the many students who have graduated our program, and we invite you to read profiles of some of our alumni as they tell us about their lives after graduation from UAHuntsville. If you have any questions about our academic program, please contact the Women's Studies Program Office at 256-824-6190 or