Specialization in I/O Psychology

Specialization in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Within our M.A. in Experimental Psychology program, students who are interested in applying psychology in business settings may choose an Industrial/Organizational psychology specialization. The courses in this specialized sequence prepare students for jobs in industry or more extensive study in a Ph.D. program. Students will have opportunities to work in faculty research labs in our small, personalized department. Graduates with this background are prepared for jobs that require the following skills: training, psychometrics, job analysis, personnel selection, interviewing, performance appraisal, empirical research, statistical analysis, and technical writing. The projected job growth in these areas, nationally, is higher than average.

We welcome both full-time and part-time students. Two of our courses are available through Distance Learning: PY 502 Industrial/Organizational Psychology and PY 503 Human Factors. As with our basic M.A. program in Experimental Psychology, two tracks are available: the Thesis option (30 hours) and the Non-thesis option (33 hours).

Pre-requisites for the M.A. program are a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, including coursework in experimental design and statistics. Prospective students who do not yet have these pre-requisites can take the necessary pre-requisites in our undergraduate curriculum; students should contact the Chair of the Psychology Department to discuss this possibility.


Program Requirements

PY 607   Professional Development in Research and Teaching                               1 hr.

PY 608   Graduate Practicum in Teaching and Career Exploration                           1 hr.

PY 610   Experimental Design                                                                                          3 hrs.

PY 611   Statistics for Experimental Methods                                                                 4 hrs.

PY 502   Industrial/Organizational Psychology                                                               3 hrs.

PY 530   Psychometrics                                                                                                      3 hrs.

PY 641  Concentrated Readings/Research in Specialization Area                           3 hrs.

PY 699  Thesis                                                                                                                     6 hrs.

Total for Required Courses 24 hrs.

Elective Courses (6 hours for the Thesis option; 9 hours for the Non-thesis option)

A maximum of 6 hours can be taken outside the Psychology department

PY 503 Human Factors 3 hrs.
PY 508 Teamwork and Team Processes 3 hrs
PY 520 Ethics in Counseling, Research, and the Profession 3 hrs.
PY 650 Supervised Research 3  or 6 hrs.
PY 675 Internship in Applied Psychology 1, 2, or 3 hrs.
MGT 560 Employee Staffing and Development 3 hrs.
MGT 600 Organizational Theory, Behavior and Environment  3 hrs.
MGT 629 Leadership 3 hrs.
MGT 631 Strategic Human Resource Management in a Technological Environment 3 hrs.
ISE 790 Advanced Statistical Applications  (MA508  Pre-Req. Applied Linear Algebra)  3 hrs.
EM 664 Teams in Action 3 hrs.

Suggested Program of Study

First year

Fall Spring
PY 607 Professional Development PY 608 Graduate Practicum
PY 610 Graduate Experimental Design PY 530 Psychometrics
PY 502 Industrial/Organizational Psychology 3 credit elective
PY611 Graduate Statistics 3 credit elective
11 Hours 10 hours


Summer (preparation for thesis work)

PY 641   Concentrated Readings           3 hours

Second Year

Fall Spring
PY 699 Thesis   PY 699 Thesis
3 hours 3 hours


During the second year, students are encouraged to take additional courses or to engage in an internship.