Alumnus, Sage Jessee, in the news

Alum in the News

Sage Jessee, M.A. 2009, now employed at the U.S. Army Research Lab (ARL) at the Redstone Arsenal, has won an award with his team for work done in the second phase of The Coalition Attack Guidance Experiment (CAGE II). This photo shows him receiving “The Technical Cooperation Program 2011 Scientific Achievement Award for the United States”. Congratulations!

sage award

ARL HRED’s Field Element at Redstone Arsenal, AL is collaborating with AMRDEC, Redstone Test Center, and our coalition partners (Canada and Australia) in a campaign of efforts designed to test cross boundary coordination efforts between nations. These activities include dynamic reallocation of ISR assets, and the delivery of ammunitions across partner nations’ area of operations in a Joint Interagency, Intergovernmental and Multinational (JIIM)/Joint Interagency Multinational and Public (JIMP) Systems of Systems (SoS) operational context. During recent operations it was discovered that time sensitive targets (TST) were often not prosecuted due to the timeliness of the overall targeting cycle. One crippling element is our ability to exhibit a common intent with the use of different socio-technical systems. The Coalition Attack Guidance Experiment – phase II (CAGE II) will, in part, discover ways to increase the timeliness of the targeting cycle by focusing on low level air picture technology that provides the warfighter with correlated self reporting and airspace surveillance information sources that are sharable through a web based portal, the dynamic airspace collaboration tool (DACT), to partner nations. It is expected that these enabling technology will improve freedom of maneuvers, and decrease the likelihood of fratricide and collateral damage, while improving our overall mission effectiveness. A detailed report will be delivered to the Aviation Innovation Lead of AMRDEC-SSDD. POC: Sage Jessee, 256-842-8830,