Political Science Internship

The Department of Political Science offers internship experiences for qualified students at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Internships provide students an opportunity to experience the world of work in areas related to their academic program. They are useful in aiding the student in selecting career goals and gaining experience in their field. The opportunities that are available vary from time to time and are related to the career interests of the individual student. The program has been offered by the department since 1980-81. Some typical local assignments are:

  • Madison County Legislative Office
  • City of Huntsville Planning Department
  • City of Huntsville Personnel Department
  • City Attorney's office
  • Government Accountability Office
  • Social Security Administration
  • National Children's Advocacy Center
  • Law Offices
  • Alabama Circuit Court Judges
  • Alabama Regional Council of Governments.
  • We have also had legislative and executive interns travel to internships located in Washington, D. C.

Students interested in internships are expected to consult with the Director of the Internship Program before enrolling. All internships for academic credit require the approval of the Program Director before enrollment. An undergraduate student should have at least junior standing and a graduate student should have completed 12 hours of graduate work before pursuing an internship opportunity.

The intern may enroll for one to six hours of academic credit. A maximum of six credits may be counted toward graduation. Interns who enroll for three hours of credit will be expected to dedicate from 16 to 20 hours a week to the internship assignment. The six credit course is limited to full-time interns working outside of Madison County. These are normally assignments in Washington, D. C. A part-time intern can earn six hours of credit only if he or she completes two different assignments.

Every intern must complete a research paper that is related to his or her internship experience. Each intern is required to submit a final report that describes the internship and a self-evaluation describing how the assignment is related to career goals and course work. The final report may be returned to the agency. The agency supervisor submits an internship evaluation form that the Program Director takes into account in assigning a grade for the internship course. If you are interested in an internship or for more information, please contact the Intern Advisor/Coodinator.

Contact Information
Intern Advisor/ Coordinator
Dr. Thomas Williams
Morton Hall, Room 250E
(256) 824-2314