Memory and Cognition

The Neuschatz Memory and Cognition Laboratory focuses primarily on three areas of research: false memories, eyewitness identification, and mnemonic techniques. Currently, we have several projects on-going in each of these areas. One project investigates the possibility that information given by one individual can be spread to another person, either directly or indirectly, and the effect of the passage of time on these false memories. We are also involved in a series of experiments to investigate the effects of different variables affecting participant eyewitness accuracy and confidence in their memories, as well as potential juror belief in the eyewitnesses testimony. In addition, we are studying the use of various mnemonic techniques in the application of name-learning techniques for both elderly and college-age participants and in memory for advertisements. Our lab utilizes a variety of methods and materials, including the use of hypnosis, videotaped cartoons, and magazine advertisements.

Memory and Cognition Group