H.E. Francis Contest Winners

H.E. Francis Short Story Contest 2013


Amelia Saint of Sioux City, Iowa, for her story “Gravity


This year’s premiere judge was Carolyn Haines



Julia Halprin Jackson of San Jose, California for “The Africans”

Lynn Miller, of Albuquerque, New Mexico for “Words Shimmer Like Ripe Fruit”

Patricia Jackson, of Littleton, Colorado for “The Trouble With Goats”

Shannon Sweetnam, of Lake Forest, Illinois for “Such a Day as This There Never Was”

Marjorie Hemphill, of Seattle, Washington for “Hunting”

Marjorie Kennedy of Seattle, Washington for “Salley Gardens”

Julia Elliott of Washington, DC for “Step Five”

Rochelle Distelheim of Highland Park, Illinois for “O Thou Whom My Soul Loves”

Dennis McGrath of Hartland, Vermont for “Little Stars” 

Sarah Schantz of Boulder, Colorado for "Palindromes"

John Smelcer of Ithaca, New York for "The Girl Who Killed Custer"