Graduate Program in English - Foreign Language Requirements

What are the Foreign Language Requirements?

The English Department requires that you demonstrate reading competence in one foreign language. You may demonstrate this in either of two ways: completion of at least nine hours of college classes in the language with a grade of “B” or above taken within five years of beginning your graduate study at UAH or satisfactory performance on a reading exam prepared by the faculty of the UAH Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures.

Alternatively, you may fulfill the requirement by taking one of the following courses: EHL 505: Survey of General Linguistics or EHL 507: Advanced English Grammar Studies (In some semesters EHL 509: Special Topics in Applied English Linguistics can also be used with departmental approval.) This will be an additional class for students in the 30-hour Plan I program, as well as for students in the 33-hour Plan II or M. A. with Certificate in Technical Writing programs. Students in all other programs with 36 or more hours may include this course in their programs. Note: anyone considering doctoral work should be advised that most PhD programs maintain the traditional requirement of reading knowledge in one, and in some cases, two foreign languages.