Undergraduate Catalog for Education

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Undergraduate Catalog for Education

2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog

232-K Morton Hall
Telephone: (256) 824-6180
Email: educ@uah.edu

Professor Quick (chair); Associate Professors Dillihunt, Enger, Kovacs; Assistant Professors O’Brien, Smith; Lecturer Patrick, Meade; Director of Accreditation Activities and Assistant Professor Young.


The mission of the Department of Education is to prepare knowledgeable, caring, and reflective teachers who are committed as leaders to serving the needs of all learners. As a faculty we accomplish our mission through outstanding teaching, cutting-edge research, and meaningfyul service.

The mission of the Department of Education is communicated through our shared vision and articulated in our theme, Through Teaching, We Lead. The establishment of this theme codifies the major purpose of our department: to graduate teachers who are exceptionally well-prepared in disciplinary, pedagogical, and professional knowledge, who understand and are prepared to address the needs of all learners, and who are committed to serving as leaders in the educational community to ensure that all students receive a high-quality public or private education.


Teacher education programs at UAHuntsville are accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and approved by the Alabama State Board of Education, according to standards of the National Association of the State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification (NASDTEC), for the issuance of appropriate professional certificates for service in public schools.


The Department of Education utilizes the facilities and resources of the entire university, the community, and the schools. The department maintains a special partnership with the teachers and students at University Place Elementary School adjacent to the UAHuntsville campus. Classrooms and faculty offices are located in Morton Hall. The department also maintains Elementary and Secondary Teacher Resource Centers in Morton Hall and a Computer Education Laboratory in the Salmon Library where current teaching materials are available and where laboratory classes are held. The Institute for Science Education, a resource center for teaching and research in science and mathematics, is located in Shelbie King Hall.


In addition to its teaching function, the department provides in-service education for schools, agencies, and institutions of higher learning; conducts and disseminates research to solve educational problems; and provides consultative service to all types and levels of educational institutions.

Degrees and Programs Offered

Under the State of Alabama plan, there are five levels of teacher certification programs, namely, P-3, K-6, 4-8, 6-12, and P-12. The Department of Education offers all options except P-3. In conjunction with the College of Liberal Arts and the College of Science, the department offers both undergraduate and graduate certification programs. Candidates who complete the following undergraduate certification programs meet the requirements for the Highly Qualified Teacher in Alabama.

Elementary Education (K-6)

Secondary/High School Education (6-12) with majors in biology, chemistry, English language arts, foreign language (German, French, Spanish), general science, history, mathematics, physics, social science.

Collaborative Teacher –Special Education K-6 or 6-12

Middle School Endorsement (4-8) with teaching fields biology, chemistry, English language arts, foreign language (German, French, Spanish), general science, history, mathematics, physics, and social science

Music Education (P-12)

A minor is not available in education.

Academic Advising

Students who plan to enroll in the Teacher Education Program and qualify for teacher certification should contact the chair of the Department of Education to be assigned an advisor as early as the freshman year. Students are expected to consult their advisors about curricular and degree requirements. In addition, students are expected to consult with advisors from their teaching field departments to coordinate the planning of programs of study.

Career Services and Placement

The Office of Career Development, Madison Hall, Suite 111 assists all students who have completed an approved Teacher Education Program at UAHuntsville and who are eligible for an Alabama professional certificate, in seeking teaching positions. All teacher education students are encouraged to file their credentials with the Office of Career Development during their senior year.


General Information

Student Responsibility. Education students are expected to register for appropriate courses necessary to make reasonable progress toward completing program requirements by the expected date of graduation. They must familiarize themselves with the requirements contained in this catalog and initiate the application process for a program of study. Faculty advisors are available to assist students as needed.

Local Mailing Address. Students are expected to maintain a mailing address at which communication from the department will, with reasonable certainty, reach them. The address should be recorded in the department office. Students are expected to use their UAH email accounts.

Registration and Enrollment. Education students seeking an institutional recommendation from UAHuntsville for professional certification must complete all professional education coursework at UAHuntsville. Transfer students will have their credits evaluated on an individual basis to determine course equivalency.

Course Substitution. When a course substitution in professional studies or the teaching field is desired, permission must be obtained prior to enrolling in the course. Students should contact the Certification Officer in the UAHuntsville Department of Education for appropriate forms. Written approval from the Department Chair is required. Courses taken without approval may prevent a student from completion as planned.

Course Repeat Policy. The UAHuntsville course repeat policy allows students to repeat courses on a limited basis in order to improve the grade in a course. Education students may take advantage of this policy in all subjects. Education students who receive a D in professional education or teaching field courses will be required to repeat the course at UAHuntsville. This is in compliance with the Alabama State Code of Education, but differs from the UAHuntsville course repeat policy in this regard. See the Academic Information section of this catalog for the UAHuntsville course repeat policy.

Program Completion. If a student does not complete requirements for the undergraduate degree within a period of seven years from the date of admission to UAHuntsville, the Department of Education will modify the student’s program to bring it into alignment with current degree and certification requirements. In addition, students in the teacher education program must complete that program’s requirements within four years from the date of formal admission to the program, or they must re-apply for admission.

Preadmission Requirements

File an Intent to Apply to the Teacher Education Program (TEP) with the Certification Officer as soon as a decision is made to seek teacher certification but no later than the end of the sophomore year. Apply for a Program of Study (POS) before or during the first semester of education courses. In addition, students must meet the following requirements:

  1. No more than 2 courses of the General Education Requirements remain to be taken.
  2. Minimum GPA of 2.5 and grades of C or higher in EH 101 & 102 (or EH 105), CM 113, MA 230, 231 and PY 201.
  3. Elementary education candidates must earn a 2.5 GPA with grades of C or higther in each of the following areas: English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Sciences
  4. Secondary education candidates must earn a 2.5 in their major.
  5. Submit a finger print card to the Alabama State Department of Education with the appropriate fee in the form of a money order or cashier’s check made payable to the Alabama Department of Education and successfully pass a background review conducted by the Alabama Bureau of Investigation and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Anyone convicted of a felony and/or misdemeanor other than a minor traffic violation may be denied certification or have certification revoked by the State Superintendent of Education.

Admission to the Teacher Education Program

Admission to the university does not qualify a student for admission to the Teacher Education Program. Students must submit an Application for Admission to the Teacher Education Program during the Block I semester of the education courses. They must also verify that an approved Program of Study (POS) is on file in the UAHuntsville Department of Education. In addition, students must meet the following requirements:

  1. Minimum 2.75 GPA in Block I ED (ED 301, 305, 308, and 350) with no grade lower than a C.
  2. Minimum 2.5 GPA in teaching field or second area of study courses, with no grade lower than C.
  3. Satisfactory completion of specified assignments in ED 301, 305, and 308, including writing and field experiences.
  4. Satisfactory ratings on Admission Interview, Dispositions Ratings, and Application Essay.
  5. Satisfactory external faculty recommendation.
  6. 6. Signed Program of Study on file.

Admission for transfer students. Transfer students who have completed two years of undergraduate study may be eligible to apply for admission to the TEP if they have a grade point average of 2.5 for 9 semester hours of coursework at UAHuntsville and meet other preadmission requirements.

Admission by reciprocity. Students who have been admitted to a teacher education program at an accredited university or college in Alabama may apply for reciprocal admission to the Teacher Education Program (TEP) with the Certification Officer or the Department Chair.

Continuation in the Teacher Education Program

Requirements include:

  1. Minimum 2.75 GPA in Education courses, with no grade lower than C.
  2. Minimum 2.5 GPA in teaching field or second area of study, with no grade lower than C.
  3. Satisfactory comnpletion of Blocks 2, 3, and 4 Field Experience hours and grade of C or higher on required field experience papers.
  4. Satisfactory Dispositions Ratings by Education faculty and field experience mentor teachers.
  5. Passing score on APTT Basic Skills Test by end of Block 2.
  6. Registration for APPT Praxis II Test in Block 3; must pass Praxis II before applying for Internship.

If any of the above requirements are not met, a Professional Development Plan (PDP) will be initiated. Candidates who do not meet the conditions of the PPDP may be dismissed from the Teacher Education Program.

Field Experiences

The Alabama State Department of Education requires that all teacher candidates complete a minimum of 200 hours of field experiences in diverse settings prior to the internship. To meet this requirement, candidates will systematically be placed in area schools for a minimum of 50 hours of experience each semester.

Internship Placement Requirements

In addition to satisfactory completion of required coursework and satisfactory completion of 200 hours of field experiences, candidates must meet the following requirements:

  1. Minimum 2.75 GPA in Education courses, with no grade lower than C.
  2. Minimum 2.5 GPA in second area of study or teaching field, with no grade lower than C.
  3. Satisfactory Dispositions Ratings and field experience evaluations.
  4. Satisfactory external faculty recommendations - secondary and P-12 candidates only.
  5. Applications for Internship and graduation on file.
  6. Passing Score on Praxis II.

Application Dates: January 31 for the following Fall Semester and June 30 for the following Spring Semester. Internships must be taken the last semester before graduation. All internship placements are coordinated by the Department of Education faculty. At UAHuntsville, the internship is a full-time, full semester assignment of 15 weeks. Candidates should not expect to enroll in other courses during the internship semester.

  1. Elementary Education students must complete a primary and intermediate assignment.
  2. Secondary Education students will complete a middle and high school assignment.
  3. P-12 music education students must complete an early childhood/elementary and a middle/high school assignment.
  4. Candidates adding the Collaborative Teacher certification will complete part of the internship in a special education setting.


To graduate, the student must have met all general University and degree program requirements as outlined in the catalogue. In addition, teacher candidates must have maintained a 2.5 grade-point average in all teaching field courses and a 2.75 in all professional education courses at UAHuntsville and /or all other institutions attended, with no grade lower than a “C” in all teaching field and professional education courses including the internship, to be recommended for a teaching certificate.

Certification Requirements

Alabama teaching certificates are the legal responsibility of the Alabama State Department of Education. Colleges and universities cannot issue professional certificates. In order to be recommended for a professional teacher’s certificate, candidates must complete a state approved program. Approved undergraduate programs offered by the UAHuntsville Department of Education are designed to prepare candidates for professional Class B certification with a bachelor’s degree.

Initial Certification

It is the candidate’s responsibility to initiate the application for the initial certificate. To be recommended for an initial certificate, candidates must:

  1. Meet all UAH Education program requirements including satisfactory completion of the internshipwith evaluations by university supervisors and cooperating teachers of 2.0 or higher.
  2. Satisfactory completion of the UAHuntsville Exit Portfolio Review.
  3. Transcript review to verify Highly Qualified Teacher eligibility.
  4. Individuals who hold a valid Alabama substitute teacher’s license must submit to the certification officer a copy of the substitute license along with all certification application paperwork.
  5. Candidates who expect to teach in states other than Alabama are responsible for knowledge of licensure requirements of those states. Such candidates should inform the certification officer of their intentions.

Certificate Renewal

  1. The initial Class B certificate is valid for five years. This certification may be renewed upon verification of successful teaching for three years and completion of an approved professional development program or earning upper division or graduate level credit in the certification area.
  2. Individuals who allow their certificates to lapse for more than 6 months will be required to renew their certificates, obtain another background clearance, and meet requirements of the Alabama Professional Teacher Testing (APTT) program for issuance of a renewed certificate or license. The UAHuntsville Department of Education in accordance with the Alabama State Board of Education provides courses for persons who wish to renew their certificates.

Ensuring the Competence of Graduates

For a period of two years of the valid date of the Professional Educator certificate, the University of Alabama in Huntsville, through the Department of Education, shall warranty and provide remediation at no cost to students who are evaluated to be unsatisfactory or deficient in any area of preparation. Remediation in professional education and/or teaching field departments will be based upon recommendations from the performance evaluations conducted by public school administrators who use the Educate Alabama which is recognized and approved by the State Board of Education. This policy is consistent with the Alabama State Code of Education.

Teacher Education Programs at UAHuntsville

B.A. and/or B.S. programs are available for the following certification programs: biology, chemistry, collaborative teacher, elementary education, English-language arts, French, general science, German, history, mathematics, music, social science, and Spanish. (General Education Requirements for teacher candidates may differ from those required of other students. Individuals interested in pursuing teacher education should consult the Education Department about General Education Requirements for their program of study.)