Undergraduate Programs List

The Department of Education collaborates with the College of Liberal Arts and the College of Science and local schools to offer undergraduate teacher preparation programs that are comprised of a broad liberal education base and professional studies that are content-rich with diverse field experiences integrated into all courses work.

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The Department offers coursework leading to initial undergraduate certification at the Bachelor's level for:

  • Elementary Education (K-6)
  • Secondary Education (6-12)
  • P-12 (Music)

Students in elementary and secondary education programs may add a middle school endorsement or a collaborative-special education (K-6 or 6-12) endorsement with additional coursework and an internship.

Elementary Education Secondary Education P-12 Education
Elementary Education Program          Biology Music - Instrumental 
Biology / General Science                               Music - Choral
English Language Arts
Foreign Language
History / Social Studies









Additional Endorsements
Collaborative Special Education (K - 6) or (6 - 12)
Middle School (4 - 8)