J-1 Scholars

The University of Alabama in Huntsville welcomes you as a member of our community and we sincerely hope that your cultural exchange, studies and research at UAHuntsville will be beneficial and enjoyable. In all cases questions regarding your stay in the U.S. should be directed to the International Student and Scholar Office, visahelp@uah.edu, or CALL at 256-824-6078

J-1 Exchange Visitor

The J-1 is an "exchange visitor" visa. University of Alabama in Huntsville is a J-1 program sponsor and the International Student and Scholar Office manages the J1 program under the auspices of the Exchange Visitor Program (EVP). The J-1 visa is used by exchange students (degree and non degree-seeking) and by research scholars and professors at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. To qualify for a J-1 program, you must be "sponsored", in other words funded by: your home university, UAHuntsville, a government, an agency, a foundation, an employer, or an international organization authorized to participate in an exchange visitor program. J Exchange Visitors may use personal funds, but still must be sponsored by an academic department or research center at UAHuntsville. If you qualify for a J-1 visa, your spouse/dependent(s) will be given a J-2 visa. Spouses in J-2 status may apply to the Department of Homeland Security for permission to work after their arrival in the U.S. Do not plan on income from spouse employment since employment authorization is not guaranteed and jobs are sometimes difficult to acquire.

Some J-1 visa holders are subject to the "two year home country physical presence requirement". J-1 holders who are subject to this requirement must return to their home country upon completion of their academic program for a period of two years before reentering the United States in H-1, L-1, or permanent residence status. For example, J-1 holders from countries which have identified specific academic areas as critically needed in the home country (an included in the Exchange Visitor Program "skills list" will be subject. Also, J-1 holders receiving government funds from either the United States or their home country will be subject. Please refer to the J-1 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section for more detail and a link to the U.S. Department of State information about the two year home country physical presence requirement.