An Insider’s Look at UAH

An Insider's Look at UAH offers a series of videos about the student experience at UAH.

The Student Success Center (SSC) provides academic support programs that empower individuals to realize their potential as self-directed learners and professionals.

Beyond the Classroom

Beyond the Classroom highlights student and faculty involvement in the classroom and beyond.

Lisa Crockett shares her CBA Student Experience

Late Night Breakfast sponsored by the UAH Association for Campus Entertainment (ACE) and UAH Dining.

A discussion about Communication Arts with Katie Bryant

Arinze Aginwa, UAH Google Ambassador

CBA graduate student Bruce McMullen shares his experience as an intern at HudsonAlpha. Read more at

UAH Professor Dr. Jim Blackmon shares how his mentorship with Dr. Wernher von Braun fostered his passion for science. Read more at

College of Business Administration: The Student and Faculty Experience

Beyond the Books

Beyond the Books is a series of videos that answer many common questions that new and future students have about going to college and attending UAH.

Danielle Curet Talks about the Economics Program at UAH

What does the SSC have to offer our students?

A discussion about Communication Arts with Katie Bryant

Has a UAH faculty member or administrator influenced your education?

Do you take notes?

What are some tips for making good grades?

What's the difference between college and high school?

What is the first thing a new UAH student should do when they get to campus?