2012 Writing Samples

Sijia Li

Writing 040

Oct 29, 2012

Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve

               The Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve in Birmingham is an amazing place. At first, we saw a man who worked there, and he introduced his three lovely babies- a frog which had the same skin color as trees, a box turtle whose name was Romeo, and a corn snake. My favorite animal was the corn snake. He had brownish- orange skin, and the skin was smooth. I touched him and also put him around my neck. The temperature of the snake was the same as the temperature of the air. When the man put the snake on my neck, I was nervous first and then relaxed. The snake wound itself around me when I felt nervous and loosened when I felt relaxed. It was interesting. Then, we went hiking in the mountain. Many trees were around us, and there was only a small trail for us to walk on. It was hard to see the sky when we were hiking, and it was refreshing. We could hear birds singing, and the leaves were falling down. I felt really relaxed and comfortable when I was hiking, and I experienced nature. I had a great time at Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve, and I learned that we should love nature and animals. I would like to go there again when I have a chance.

ruffnerstory3  ruffnerstory2 
Sijia Li (Center) enjoys a hike with her classmates.      Weiji Dai (Left) and Luting Chen pet a corn snake.