About ILC

The Intensive Language and Culture Program (ILC) at The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) is an academically-oriented program. The program assists students as they develop the language skills needed for study in an English-medium university such as UAH. The ILC curriculum includes components delivered in the classroom setting, around the university campus, and across regional destinations. A distinctive feature of the ILC curriculum is the inclusion of off-campus trips that are integrated with classroom-based learning objectives. The off-campus trips, to locations such as the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, CNN Center in Atlanta, Ivy Green (the Helen Keller home) in Tuscumbia, the Parthenon in Nashville, and the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, are designed to provide students with exposure to language within regional cultural contexts.

With a rigorous curriculum and strict attendance requirements, the program is designed to provide all the information a student will need to progress rapidly in his/her acquisition of English for use in an academic setting. As a result, the program expects a comparable commitment on the part of the student during his/her time in the ILC.


The ILC includes 20 hours of classroom instruction per week. Classes help students develop their skills in both oral and written academic English. The primary classroom approach follows principles of communicative language teaching. Students are instructed in the four component skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Additional work in pragmatics, grammar and pronunciation supports progress in both accuracy and fluency, with special attention paid to interaction in a U.S. university context.

The Intensive Language and Culture Program (ILC) serves the needs of non-native speakers of English at UAH. Students in Levels 010-040 (High Beginning - High Intermediate) prepare for study at English-medium universities, such as UAH. Students in Level 050 (Advanced) polish their language skills in their first semester in undergraduate, graduate, or non-degree programs at UAH.

Additional Information

If you are interested in applying to the ILC or receiving additional information, please contact the director of the ILC at ilc@uah.edu.