MAPTIN Team Wins 1st Place at "E-Launch"


  Hyungjin Ahn  

ILC student Hyungjin Ahn participated in the Entrepreneurship Club’s E-Launch event on Oct. 5-7, 2012 where he and his team won 1st place for their business idea. Hyungjin worked on a team with other UAH students to develop a competitive business plan and presentation for their project MAPTIN, a mobile-friendly website where users can filter university events by day, time, and category on an interactive campus map that is also a timeline.

All event participants had the chance to speak with club members and hear about their ideas before they chose to join a team project. Then, over the course of two days each group created a detailed business plan, which was edited several times by group members with the help of a mentor. The final judging required a formal presentation of the proposed project along with the completed plan.

Hyungjin chose to join the MAPTIN team because he felt the group leaders Carl and Adam Holden had made a good case for a project that was both realistic and useful. Hyungjin said that although he was the only international student to join the team and the project really tested his English ability, his group made him feel completely comfortable, and they assigned him plenty of work. He affirmed that it was a beneficial experience and one that he would definitely repeat.

 Cooking Up Cosplay "E-Launch" Business Plan

Xiaofen 218x300 

  Xiaofen Su  

ILC student Xiaofen Su also participated in the  E-Launch event on Oct. 5-7, 2012. She joined a different team called "Cooking Up Cosplay" where she helped develop the company business plan described below: 

Company Overview

Cooking Up Cosplay is a new company that will startup in June of 2013. It will be located in Las Vegas, Nevada. It will offer a range of food, entertainment, and merchandise for sale.

Cooking Up Cosplay will sell food that will be based off of specific anime or manga. The food will not always be from the same country. The entertainment is varied but the main attraction will be the waiters and waitresses dressed up as specific characters. They will sometimes do skits and dance through the restaurant. The area where the waiters and waitresses do their skits will be open for children to play when a skit is not being performed. A few TVs will be set up so you may view clips from the anime you are eating from. Some cocktails and light alcohol will be available for sale as well. A gift shop area will be set up so you may buy the anime or manga that you have eaten from. There will also be figurines and plushy available. In the gift shop and around the restaurant there will be art from local artists that will be available for purchase as well.

Our customer base will be conventioneers; everyday otaku, anime and manga lovers; families; and adventurers. Our customers will have a fun and relaxing time eating the eclectic food, watching the amazing performances, and buying something to remember the adventure.