Process and Procedures


Employees who voluntarily terminate their service with the University by resigning should notify their supervisors in writing as far in advance as possible. A copy of the resignation letter should be sent to Human Resources, Shelbie King Hall 102. The customary period of notice is a minimum of two weeks for non-exempt staff personnel and a minimum of one month for exempt staff personnel.


Important Information Regarding your Benefits

During your exit interview, a Benefits Representative will summarize important information regarding benefits such as insurance continuation through COBRA , mandatory and voluntary retirement plans and paid leave.  


Separation Procedures and Exit Interviews

Employees terminating employment with the University are required to check out with various offices on the date of termination. An "Employee Separation Checklist" form is utilized during the check out procedure. This is a formalized procedure which provides an opportunity for individuals to discuss pertinent matters with appropriate University representatives.

Dowloand the Separation checklist and follow the outline below to begin your offboarding process.

Employee Separation Checklist

1.  Immediate Supervisor

  • The supervisor will verify that the terminating employee has returned all University property including keys. 
  • The supervisor should contact Office of Information Technology (OIT) to cancel computer access.
  • Corporate/Procurement credit cards have been returned to Business Services

2.  Departmental Secretary

  • The departmental secretary should verify that the final PAF (Personnel Action Form) has been prepared.

3.  Library

  • Employees must checkout in person at the Circulation Department (front desk) - Employees need verification that all books, periodicals and library card have been returned.

4.  International Student and Scholar Office

  • Any employee sponsored by UAH for employment work authorization (H1B, J1, F1).
  • An appointment must be schedule, please call x6055.

RESEARCH CLEARANCE:  All faculty and Research Center employees MUST obtain clearance from #5 through #7 below:

5.  Research Security Administration:  VBRH E19

  • The Security Office will conduct a security briefing & termination statement and verify that Redstone Arsenal badges, decals and books have been returned.
  • You must call to schedule an appointment with a security representative.
  • If none of this applies to the employee, a representative from the Employee Benefits Office can call for verification.

6.  Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)

  • Anyone charging to or funded by a sponsored award will need to contact the OSP.

7.  Environmental Health & Safety 

  • Any employee responsible for a Laboratory/Studio requires that all chemicals and/or biological samples have been identified, labelled and/or disposed of according to the guidelines in the UAH Laboratory Safety Manual. 

8.  Alabama Credit Union- 851 John Wright Drive

  • A signature is required for those who have an account.

9.  Payroll Office: Shelbie King Hall 151

  • The Payroll Office will make arrangements for your final check. All timecards/web-time entry and Exempt Leave Reports (if applicable) must be submitted prior to an employee's termination.
  • If terminating employee is leaving the area, a forwarding address and phone number should be provided at the bottom of the check-out form for W-2 purposes.

All signatures should be obtained before coming to the Employee Benefits Office.

10.  Human Resources: Shelbie King Hall 102

  • The Benefits Office is the final departmental checkpoint. 
  • Suggestions and comments are solicited from terminating employees during the Exit Interview. Insurance continuation (COBRA), retirement fund withdrawals, and other benefit matters are also discussed during this interview.
  • Employee ID cards are returned to the Benefits Office. $25 charge for lost ID cards may be imposed.